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Lincoln & District Model Engineering Society              

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Newsletter – May 2018

Dear Members,


The new season is well under way. Last Sunday, 27th May, was the first really busy car boot event. The field was packed and stewards struggled to find parking spaces as more and more cars arrived.. We had six trains running, fortunately not all at the same time, but it kept us all on our toes. There is also a new food van and those chips!!!


New Members


As mentioned in the notes with the last newsletter, we welcome three new members:

  • Frankie Taylor – Young Frankie is already a regular helper on Sundays along with his mother Susan.
  • Mervyn Greeves – Mervyn is into both locomotives and traction engines
  • Barry Stonehouse – Barry is a life long engineer and is returning to the Society.


Retiring Committee Members


You will know that there were many new faces on the committee at the AGM, so can we say a few words in appreciation for those who have retired:

  • Retiring Chairman David Brooks has been an active member for no less than fifty years and helped steer the Society in his quiet eloquent way over the last few years. He has just purchased a new milling machine so more time to get use to it now.
  • Retiring Treasurer Lawrence Tatton, Lawrence has been a prime mover in the transition to a Company with Limited Liability protecting all our pockets as well as making a fantastic job of keeping the finances on a sound footing. We now expect to see that 4F in steam before too long!
  • Ben Clarke. Ben has been our Safety Officer keeping us all on our toes. There must be more than a little credit to him that we operate as safely as we do. He has had poor health of late and wish him a speedy recovery and we can’t wait to see “Linda” in steam at Scarle.
  • Terry Peacock. Terry is a constant and welcome presence at Scarle with a wealth of knowledge. We now expect to see that latest truck – a LNER brake van – at the GL5 event!




If there is anyone out there who hasn’t heard of this, then we want to know. We are interested in your life style!

Seriously, you do not need to be Einstein to figure out that we keep records electronically. Can we assure you that these are kept very securely and only in so far as is necessary to run the Society. This includes names, addresses, contact details, details regarding the payment of subscriptions.   and boiler certificate details (necessary for the insurance through NAME). It enables us to send out notices of meetings, newsletters and circulars. Confidentiality is paramount (e.g. none of you knows who else has received this newsletter). With one exception, the details are never passed to another organisation. The exception concerns boiler tests. Details have to go to NAME as a condition of the insurance policy, but we are assured that they are stored securely. If anyone objects to any of this please contact Secretary Tom Wood:



Membership Renewal


Many thanks to all those who have already renewed and made new Treasurer and Membership Secretary Andrew’s life easier. Please hurry if you haven’t renewed. Adult membership is £55 and Juniors (under 16) £24.


The Boiler Test Code 2018


The Green booklet is now obsolete. The orange booklet replaces it. (Actually it is white with orange writing on the cover)


There are two volumes:

  • Volume 1 – Boilers 3 bar litres to 1100 bar litres
  • Volume 2 – Boilers under 3 bar litres


If we tell you that the smallest “Polly” boiler is 18 bar litres then that should help. Every boiler owner should have a copy which is relevant to them. Contact Secretary Tom to obtain one. If you are not sure which volume is appropriate (e.g. for gauge 1 locos) please speak to one of our boiler inspectors.


Past Events


Liz’s April Newsletter gave details of the efforts at Scale.

The portable track was taken to a special event at Boultham on 19th May – whoops – coincided with some wedding or other down in Windsor as well as the Cup Final. However, what started quietly turned into a very busy day. Well worth going!




Well done to Lawrence for spotting the deliberate mistake. Hymeks were introduced in 1961 and the right facing lion was banned in 1957, but I only had a pair – one left and one right! So now you too can be clever when talking to other enthusiasts.


Running Night – Wednesday 6th June


There should be someone there from 5.30pm. Let us hope for good weather. Sausages in a roll will be available together with hot drinks.


Also: First Wednesdays in July & August are running nights


Future Events:


Sunday 24th June Skellingthorpe Gala – Portable track attending – helpers needed

30th June & 1st July GL5 Weekend at Scarle – welcome return – again helpers needed

14th July Boultham Park Fair – Portable track attending – helpers needed


Liz & Neil

Newsletter – April 2018

Dear Members

This is my attempt to write a newsletter to bring you all up  to date with the happenings at North Scarle, I realise I have a very hard act to follow as Neil always did the job so well.

Despite the weather being a little unsettled on our first three running days the passenger numbers were good which always makes for a happy team, a good start to the season.

The PACT group visited us once again it was a freezing cold day but the children did not seem to notice and had a wonderful time as they always do, I think the parents just wanted to hug a large hot cup of coffee.

Andrew and his gang of roofers attacked the roof on the mess hut, for those of you who are not aware of the problem a pair of wellies and a sow wester was a requirement before you could enter to make a cuppa. The complete roof was removed, soggy lagging discarded then replaced with an increased slope and vents inserted at both ends. We can now have a cuppa without the cup being topped up with rain coming in and the biscuits going soggy.

One long awaited major repair is partially completed and that is the crossing, Tom has been tucked away in the tunnel welding brand new sections of track. One section has been installed on plastic sleepers in the hope it will last for many years to come.

Neil continues his war against the weeds unfortunately with the wet/warm weather it really is testing his spraying skills, I try to help but even with a second pair of hands the pesky weeds seem to win.

Come and have a cuppa on a Thursday we are there at 9am and see what we get up to, any help is much appreciated.


Liz Burgin.

Newsletter – March 2018

Dear Members,


Almost there!


Easter Sunday – 1st April – The start of the running season.


Listening to the weather forecast on the television lends me to believe that Winter is not yet fully behind us, but at least, the decision to move the first car boot back two weeks now seems like a good idea. Would anyone have turned up on 18th March? Has there ever been a car boot sale in the snow? So, on Sunday, the more helpers there are the easier it will be. Looking forward to seeing you there.


AGM – 4th April


Many thanks for the number of Nomination Forms that you have sent me. Great to see so much interest in the future well-being of the Society. Again, looking forward to seeing you there. Usual time – 7.30pm start in North Scarle Village Hall in the newly decorated side room.


Work at Scarle


With my recent trip to the antipodes and visits to both the Royal Hallamshire and Bassetlaw Hospitals since my return – both planned appointments – I haven’t been to Scarle since the last Newsletter. However, I can report some news. Work on the crossing has continued when the “Beast from the East” did allow. I am assured that there will be a complete mainline in time for the first car boot although it is unlikely that the exit from the steaming bays will be down. Plan A is to use Tom’s white petrol engine which is not marooned by the missing panels as well as the Hymek which, if needs must, can be hand lifted on to the mainline.


Hymek: Don’t forget my offer of a bar of chocolate for the first person who can spot the deliberate mistake after its re-paint and replacement of transfers.


Our future events:


Wednesday 4th April – AGM 7.30pm, North Scarle Village Hall.


Wednesday 2nd May – a barbecue – weather permitting!


First Wednesdays in June, July & August – running nights


There are also a number of other activities that need committee approval. At least one is very soon. I shall let you all know if we agree to participate.



Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary

Newsletter – February 2018

Dear Members,

A little bit early but never mind.


You should all have received the papers regarding the AGM. Any problems, please email Chairman or Treasurer via the website. Sorry, but I won’t be around for a bit. Proof reading was never my strong point; Lawrence “turned up each week” whether he was in tune or not!

Ben Clarke – Safety Officer

As I reported in the AGM notice, Ben has been suffering from poor health for a little while now and consequently has decided not to seek re-election at the AGM. We wish Ben all the very best and hope that he is soon back to good health.

Rugby MES

In the January Newsletter I informed members of their Narrow Gauge event. I have also been asked to tell you about two other events of theirs in 2018:

  1. Open Weekend 26th & 27th May
  2. British Locomotives Weekend 11th & 12th August – all sizes of models of British Railway engines from 2½” to 7¼” . 11th August is the 50th Anniversary of the 15 Guinea Special that marked the end of steam on BR.


I am told that they have two very good circuits – a ground level 7¼” and a raised track for the rest – and they are a very friendly club. Their track is fairly close to the where the M1 meets the M6. Website:

Meeting: Wednesday 7th February – Signal Box Equipment

What a great start to the year. A full room. A very smart room newly decorated by us, a warm room and a great talk by Colin. He had even wired up the block instrument bells so that they worked for us.

Work at Scarle

The Hymek’s body is now almost ready in my workshop and will return to Scarle after my holiday. A bar of chocolate for the first person who can spot the deliberate mistake. That is an interesting way of me finding out the accidental mistakes that I might have also made!

All the track circuit has had weedkiller put down.

The old concrete  on the crossing has all now gone and, weather permitting, the new concrete will be laid next week.

Ivy has been attacked on trees near the compound

All brake trucks are serviced and most of the riding trucks; so far, just one failure which is undergoing repair.

Our future events:

Wednesday 7th March – Bits and Pieces  7.30pm, North Scarle Village Hall.

Come and show everyone what you have been up to in your workshop this Winter. This is your show, please come and contribute.

Wednesday 4th April – AGM 7.30pm, North Scarle Village Hall.

Wednesday 2nd May – a barbecue – weather permitting!

Ist Wednesdays in June, July & August – running nights

Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary

Newsletter –January 2018

Dear Members,

 The Winter break over, we are planning for the new season. It is nice to be back at North Scarle, although the weather precludes too much outside activity. Details later on.

I cannot think of any other dates to pass on to you. We now have the cricketers fixture list and, with one date to be finalised (they thought they were playing on 24th September – two choices the traction engines members are deployed in the outfield or they come up with another date! ) we can plan our extended running days.

Meeting: Wednesday 7th February – Signal Box Equipment

 The first Society Meeting of 2018. Usual time and venue – North Scarle Village Hall starting at 7.30pm. A talk by our very own Colin Parker. Looking forward to seeing you there.

AGM – 4th April

Two things that I think you should be aware of:

  1. Official notification will be with you shortly I know this seems a bit premature, but it is simply because there isn’t enough time after I get back from the Antipodes – nothing more sinister than that.
  2. The three Directors are retiring – Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer – so you all need to give some thought as to their replacements.

Tools for sale from a lady called  Margaretha Wallis

 As reported last month, Roger Elliott and Terry Peacock are dealing with this. When they have any news, I shall endeavour to pass it on.


Andrew Matthews has agreed to be put forward as a Boiler Inspector. He is scheduled to attend a NAME seminar on the subject in April

Rugby Model Engineering Society

Please find attached an invitation from them. I have sent this because I said I would BUT BE AWARE that this clashes with the Heckington Show!


  Work at Scarle

The gazebos used for the Santa Specials have been checked, dried out and packed away. Liz and Colin, back from their holiday, have stripped out Santa’s grotto and all that is stored.

The Hymek’s body is now in my workshop having a re-spray.

Weeds never seem to have stopped growing this Winter. Weed control is underway whenever the weather is kind enough.

Water ingress into the mess hut is causing issues with the electrics. Plans are in hand to rectify this.

Roger Elliott and Chairman Dave are busy giving the brake trucks their annual service.

Andrew Matthews has replaced the black plastic sheeting in the tunnel with infilling on the ends of the corrugated roof. This will maintain the dark effect for passengers.

Our Meeting Room in the village hall is being decorated. One of several ideal tasks for members wishing to join the Thursday Working Parties.

Very shortly, work will commence on replacing the timbers on the level crossing adjacent to our compound. This is likely to sever the track circuit for a while. Do bear this in mind if you intend to come and run your locomotive.

 Our future events:

 Wednesday 7th February – Talk “Signal Box Equipment”

 As detailed above by Colin Parker. 7.30pm, North Scarle Village Hall.

Wednesday 7th March – Bits and Pieces

Come and show everyone what you have been up to in your workshop this Winter. This is your show, please come and contribute.

Wednesday 4th April – AGM

Wednesday 2nd May – a barbecue – weather permitting!

Ist Wednesdays in June, July & August – running nights

Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary

Newsletter –November 2017

Dear Members,

I know we are into December – Sorry, but my computer decided to be silly. Hopefully, it is sorted now.

Well into the maintenance season now although, with the Santa Specials just “around the corner”, we are not starting any major works until the New Year. The leaf fall season is well and truly here. Most trees have now tried to bury the track, but the oaks, as usual, are determined to hang on to their foliage just a little while longer

New Member

I am very pleased to say that we have yet another new junior member. He is Thomas (Tom) White. Tom is eight years old.


Can I take this opportunity to remind everyone that the Society has a 5” gauge Planet battery powered “diesel” with these young members especially in mind. I should also remind you that for both safety reasons and child protection that a parent or guardian must always accompany junior members when they are involved in Society activities.


Wednesday 1st November – This was our Ghost Walk. Karen, Lincoln’s Town Crier, gave a fantastic tour to a large party of members around the area surrounding Lincoln Cathedral. If you have heard Karen speak, then you will know that she is a marvellous storyteller. I certainly learnt a lot about Lincoln’s colourful history. One thing that sticks in my mind: if you are anywhere near the cathedral and hear singing coming from the building late in the evening, she can assure you that the school choir is well tucked up in bed by then!


Tools for sale

A lady called Margaretha Wallis has contacted the Society. She was widowed earlier this year. Her husband was a model engineer and she has “an enormous amount of small tools that perhaps can be of use for somebody in your club. Either to be given away or for a small sum be sold. It seems a shame to take it to the scrap yard! “ The lady lives in Lincoln. If any member is interested, I can put you in contact with her.


Work at Scarle

One of the working group tugged on a branch overhanging the platforms at the new station. It broke off in his hands. This resulted in the rotten tree involved being felled. The opportunity was taken to tidy up various precarious branches on the site. As I indicated earlier, most of the leaves have now fallen off the trees and have been disposed of. Much mole, rabbit and fox activity since the end of public running has been dealt with where it affected our track. With the grotto in place, we are now waiting for Santa!


Some more dates for your diary:

 GL5 Society are visiting us again on 24th & 25th June

  • Boultham Park Summer Fair – I have been informed that this is now more likely to be 14th July (not 7th). I shall let you know for sure when I get the firm notification.

Our future events:

Wednesday 6th December “Christmas Dinner”

Many thanks for all those who have said they are coming and for being so prompt in paying your deposits. See you all on the night. Just a reminder that it is 7 for 7.30pm. For the rest – No meeting this month in the village hall

Sundays 10th & 17th December – Santa Specials

Again, many thanks for those who have volunteered. Anyone else who wants to come and help is most welcome. The normally quieter first date is already well booked! Just to remind everyone: Santa will be there between 1pm and 4pm, but we meet about 10.30am to start putting things together.

We then have our Christmas break before starting up again in the New Year.

January: no monthly meeting

Wednesday 7th February

 Our very own Colin Parker speaking on “signal box equipment” Ususal start time of 7.30pm in North Scarle Village Hall

A very Happy Christmas to you all

Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary

Newsletter – September 2017

Dear Members,


The days are getting shorter. I can’t really say cooler, because 2017 has not been famous for warmth. However, the garden is slowing down and thoughts can now be directed to spending more time in the workshop!


Terry Peacock

 Terry has suffered some sort of injury – no-one can be categorical as to what – that has left him with limited use of his left arm and leg. It was nice, in a way, to hear that he had now got “pins and needles” in his leg as some sensation returns, and he did make it to the Open Weekend for a visit on the Saturday. I am sure we all wish him well and look forward to him getting back into his normal routine at Scarle.


Wednesday 6th September – Speaker: Brian Parker (Powder Paints)

Members enjoyed a very interesting illustrated talk. I won’t try to report on all that was said, but we certainly found it very informative. One point that sticks in my mind is the simple fact that the very process of electrostatic deposition of the powder on the object to be covered means that it is practically impossible to add too much avoiding runs unlike when spraying with paints.


Saturday and Sunday 23rd & 24th September – Open Weekend

 If you missed it, you missed a treat. There were 31 miniature road vehicles and 12 locomotives. Andrew Matthews and all his helpers did a splendid job. Brian West assisted by Roger Elliot managed to dramatically increase the number of locomotives compared to last year. As ever, Peter Adams and Tiny with their commentary made the whole thing look very professional. Ben Clarke and Grantham Bob brought their caravans and acted as 24/7 stewards. The ladies, Diana, Jean and Susan and led by Liz saw to it that no-one starved! Colin’s fairground organ added to the atmosphere. Many thanks to everyone who helped make it a weekend to remember.


The trophy winners:-

Lincoln Steam Cup (best road vehicle) Christine Burton from Retford, Notts with her 4½” Burrell.

St Marks Cup (best railway exhibit) Roger Hopkins from Barrow on Trent, Derbyshire with his 5” gauge B1
Brian Ives Trophy (Society member for 2017) Liz Burgin

North Scarle Shield (best other exhibit) Liz Burgin and her ladies for their catering.
Challenge Cup (best in show) Christine Burton
Work at Scarle

 There has been a concerted effort to finish the fence painting in time for the Open Weekend.

In addition to this, we did a scrap run. This put £154 into our funds. Thanks to everyone who had contributed with material for this.


Spalding Show

 We have been informed that there will NOT be a show in 2018. At this stage we do not know if this is a one-off or the whole event has folded. Many thanks for all the support in the past for this event.


So to the future:

Sunday 1st October – Extra Car Boot

 They have slotted an extra one in to make up for a washout earlier in the season. Several stalwarts cannot make this having planned other things expecting the season to be over. We are “doing the bucket” at the exit gate on behalf of the Village Hall Committee. The money is going help build a drinks bar in the hall. Any extra help on the day would be very much appreciated.


Wednesday 4th October – our monthly meeting; a speaker from Spalding Forge. Usual venue – North Scarle Village Hall starting at 7.30pm


Saturday 7th October – Birthday Party

 New junior member James Rundle will be two years old by then. We shall run trains – lots of trains – and it is good fun. Come and help. We shall start putting it all together at about 9am for a start at 11am. It is our last “big fling” before we start on the winter maintenance programme. So if you want to run your engine, this is a good opportunity.


Wednesday 1st November – Ghost Walk around Lincoln (not in North Scarle Village Hall!)

We shall meet at the Castle Car Park at 7pm. Cost: £6 each BUT free to members just so long as I have your name. Let me know if you are coming. You are only booked in if I acknowledge your application. Otherwise come with £6!!!!


Wednesday 6th December “A Christmas Jolly”

 As much as I know at this time. Hopefully more details next newsletter


Sundays 10th & 17th December – Santa Specials


Monthly Meetings for 2018. Still looking for ideas. Colin Parker has taken up the challenge for the February Meeting – no meeting as usual in January. Someone out there must have further talks they can give or know about – Come on!

Finally, Some dates for 2018: Skellingthorpe Gala – Sun 24th June;

Boultham Park – probably Sat 7th July; Heckington – 28th & 29th July;

Lincoln Showground – 18th & 19th Aug; Open Weekend – 22nd & 23rd Sept.

We are also planning to attend a carnival in Whitwell, Derbys. No details as yet.

Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary

Newsletter – August 2017

Dear Members,

 New Members

 Welcome to three new members:

John Rundle and his son James. They now live in North Scarle. John has a keen interest in engineering and has encouraged an interest in trains in young James. James is a regular participant when our trains are running on car boot Sundays.

Philip Cements has a little further to travel. He lives in South Scarle! Plilip is well known to several members through his interest in traction engines. Indeed I managed to meet him beside his 1894 Marshall traction engine at this month’s Lincolnshire Steam & Vintage Rally.

 The big weekend: 27th to 30th July

 Heckington Show: What can I say? Everything went well for the Society. We were very busy on the Saturday, quieter on the Sunday. The wet weather beforehand certainly played its part. If I tell you that the strip of land roped off for our track was, by Sunday teatime, a green oasis in a sea of mud then you might have the picture. Many thanks to Grantham Bob for acting as night watchman and the members who helped over the weekend

GL5 Event – How lucky we are at North Scarle with the sandy ground. No such problems there. The GL5 Society members came in force. On the Saturday, there were thirty 5” gauge engines involved in assembling and hauling dozens of wagons around our track. I am told they enjoyed it very much. Lots of praise for our track, and I am sure they will be back again in the future. Thanks again for all the members who helped and made them so welcome especially the ladies led by Glenda and Diana who provided ploughman’s lunches on both days with help from Susan & Lyn.

Wednesday 2nd August – CPR training and running night

 The CPR training was a great success. Many members should now feel confident what to do if they encounter a cardiac arrest. We all hope we never have to make use of our knowledge, but it is there should we need to. Krys Mitchell, the young lady who conducted the training then joined us for a cup of tea and a ride around our track thanks to Chris Birkett and his engine. That evening, the highlight for me was seeing Roger and Megan Thompson steam Megan’s Polly 2 for its first run. They were delighted and finally had to give up going round and round the track as darkness caught up with them!

 Thursday 3rd August  – Trains running for PAACT

A 2nd visit this year from this group which supports disadvantaged children. Everything went without a hitch. Again, many thanks to everyone who helped.

19th & 20th August – Lincolnshire Steam & Vintage Rally

 Again, a great event: loads of exhibits including 96 miniature traction engines, 105 full size ones, and 338 tractors. We did our bit with our usual display in the Exhibition Hall. Thermal underwear needed again this year as the wind blew on the Saturday. Many thanks to all those who showed their models and manned the stand. Bill Shaw, ably assisted by Roger Elliot, organised our display with the expert guidance of Terry Peacock. Again, well done to all involved.

 Work at Scarle

 Weed killing has taken place again. Not a brilliant Summer for us, but ideal for weeds.

Roger Elliott and Terry Peacock have repaired the roof on the new station signal box. This was damaged in the storms earlier in the year.

A frame has been made to raise the new “garden shed” off the floor to prevent it filling with rain water. This frame has been installed. Easier said than done – the shed was full of equipment! Tom Wood, Andrew Matthews, Colin Parker and Mike White being involved

Liz has plodded on with the fence painting. She was helped one Thursday by Pat Ives who had just come along to collect young Thomas.

Chairman David seems to have a boiler to test nearly every week which must be a good thing for an engineering society.

Having said all this, the main Thursday activity centered around for all our other involvements mentioned above.

So to the future:

 Wednesday 6th September – Speaker: Brian Parker “Powder Paints)

Back to our programme of monthly meetings in North Scarle Village Hall. Meetings start at 7.30.

Brian was asked to come and talk after seeing his work at the Spalding Show.

 Saturday and Sunday 23rd & 24th September – Open Weekend

Andrew Matthews tells me that there is a good response from the traction engine lobby and Brian West has interest from quite a few locomotive people. Help is always needed over the weekend. Do let us know if you can help.

Sunday 1st October – Extra Car Boot

They have slotted an extra one in to make up for a washout earlier in the season.


 Wednesday 6th September – Speaker: Brian Parker “Powder Paints) – see above

  • Wednesday 4th October – Speaker from Spalding Forge
  • Wednesday 1st November – Ghost Walk around Lincoln (not in North Scarle Village Hall!)

Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary

Newsletter – July 2017

Dear Members,

 My health

Many of you will know that I had a heart procedure in April. This has taken some getting over. I am doing better now, but feel that it is time to hand on the reins to another member to help keep my condition stable.

Vacancy for Society Secretary

If you would like to take over from me straight away, then please come forward and speak to Chairman David. Notwithstanding, I shall not be applying for re-election next April. If, in the meantime you think you could do the job and would like to discuss it with me then please do so. I shall carry on until April, if necessary, but in a quieter way.

Boultham Summer Fair  (8th July)

Once we got on the park – poor directions from the organisers – we had a terrific day. This time the weather was perfect – not too hot and staying dry.

Whitwell Village Gala – Saturday 22nd July

Whitwell village near Worksop will celebrate 1000 years of existence next year. This year they wanted to practice for the big event and invited us to their Gala Day. Several members took the portable track, the Hymek and passenger car to the event. Free rides all day for a one off payment of £150.00. Needless to say, they want us back next year.

Work at Scarle

 Roger Elliott assisted by Terry Peacock have finished the white lining and both the platform areas now look far better cared for.

The CCTV system is now fully commissioned. The monitor is larger and better than my TV at home! Two of the cameras are on top of the flagpole. There are plans to have further monitors overlooking the field and drive. No argument in future who has left the gate open. Also, it may deter the dog walkers who seem incapable of tidying up after their four legged charges.

Tom has got his steam engine back in commission and Bob has repaired the bearing noise on his engine.

Liz has led the campaign to give a protective coat to the wooden fencing


The big weekend: 27th to 30th July

 Heckington Show is fully covered – all the passes we receive are accounted for. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered.

GL5 Event – The GL5 Society is holding its AGM and running trains at North Scarle. Everyone else: help is still needed for this big event. It well worth participating. Lots of locomotives and wagons running around our track. Last time, they were quite happy to let members join in if they had a standard gauge profile 5” gauge locomotive of their own. Beware though, they do not give rides and are not insured to let children travel on their trains.

Wednesday 2nd August

 Running night preceded by CPR training at 6.30pm Thank you to all those who replied. We now have enough members to fill the event but still come along and play trains and have a chat afterwards.


Thursday 3rd August  – Trains running for PAACT

We still need help for this return event for the group. The families know the challenges faced by their offspring and the events in the past have been joyful and rewarding for all concerned.


Saturday and Sunday 23rd & 24th September – Open Weekend

 Our big end of season bash. No excuse if you are missing this one. It is a long winter just around the corner!



  • Wednesday 2nd August – CPR Training (if booked) at 6.30pm followed by a running night at North Scale from 6pm
  • Wednesday 6th September – Speaker: Brian Parker “Powder Paints)
  • Wednesday 4th October – Speaker from Spalding Forge
  • Wednesday 1st November – Ghost Walk around Lincoln (not in North Scarle Village Hall!)


Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary

 Newsletter – April 2017


Dear Members,


Spalding Model Engineering Exhibition: 22nd & 23rd April


The first big event of the year involving the Society. Many thanks to Roger for co-ordinating our contribution and all those who helped at the event. The weather was OK. I seem to remember being chilled in the past but not this year. Everyone seemed to enjoy the occasion and we received many favourable comments from the public attending.


Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 5th April was our AGM. The usual reports and elections. Chairman David was re-elected as indeed were all the others members of the committee. The subscription rates remain the same. Can I remind all members who have not renewed their subscription (very few in fact) that the early payment discount rate of £40 expires on Sunday. From May 1st it will cost £55 to renew. The junior rate is £24

 Sunday 30th April

 This starts as one of our “Bucket Days”. We do really need anyone who can help from 7am to be there. Then, when the “car booters” have gone we are making a day of it. As per my email, Liz is making bacon butties for those who order them and then there is fellowship and trains running into the afternoon. The club’s Hymek and Planet should be available.

Bits and Pieces – May 3rd

 Absolutely nothing to do with the Dave Clark Five! It is the chance to show off what you have been up to in your workshops this winter. Don’t be shy. Bring something along or it will be a very short meeting. There is always someone with a good idea to help you. If there are ten engineers present you will have ten different solutions. Notwithstanding, I took my Polly to Spalding and now have a plan to protect the vulnerable bits under my loco as well as a simple method of attaching a safety link without drilling holes in my engine. You see, it does work.


Heywood Society – May 12th

 This prestigious lot are touring railway sites in the East Midlands that weekend. From about 12noon on Friday 12th May they are at our North Scarle site. Trains will be run for them. Do come along and help make these people welcome. For those who do not know, Sir Arthur Heywood, who lived at Duffield Bank near Derby, was a keen promoter of “Minimum Gauge Railways”. In the days before mechanised road transport he reckoned that you could move goods about on any railway down to 15” gauge. One of his engines kind of survives on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway in the form of River Irt. This engine uses the chassis of his 0-8-0T Ursula. There are other bits of his creations still in existence – I won’t bore you here with all that here.


Work at Scarle

 Improvements to the compound signal box have been made. One thing that has been learnt from experience is that damp, aluminium and copper do not mix! Electrolysis has been quite pronounced. Work is on hand to rectify this. The track into the new lean to carriage shed has now been connected. The summer season of painting and decorating has begun as well as some removing of green deposits from white paintwork. Ballasting and packing of track continues. The compound area is now more or less weed free.


Skellingthorpe Gala – June 18th

 Our first planned outing with the portable track this year. If you like the sound of Merlin engines, this could be for you. Five Merlins are promised in the form of a Spitfire and a Lancaster. Let me know if you can come and help.


Lincolnshire Steam & Vintage Rally: 19th & 20th August

Bill Shaw is our lead on this. Again a great chance to showcase the Society in its “home town”.

Bill has the application forms for exhibitors. See him if you would like one. Forms have to be back with Bill by 25th May


Open Weekend: 23rd & 24th September

 Andrew Matthews is the lead for the traction Engine fraternity. Bill Shaw and Tom Wood the leads for the engines ably assisted by Brian West. Plans are already well in hand. If you need to know anything ask them.



 North Scarle Village Hall. Meetings start at 7.30pm except in summer – see below.


  • Wednesday 3rd May “Bits & Pieces”. Your chance to show off what you have been up to in your workshop this winter!
  • Wednesday 7th June – running night at North Scale from 6pm
  • Wednesday 5th July – running night at North Scale from 6pm
  • Wednesday 2nd August – running night at North Scale from 6pm


Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary


Newsletter – March 2017

Dear Members,

We’re off!

 The running season has begun. Sunday 19th March went without a hitch. Tom and Chris provided steam and, with Bob’s petrol engine, there was a three train service. Everything had been checked on the previous two Thursdays. We thought all was fine, but on the day the starter signal for the main line at the new station refused to show a red light. Investigation the following Thursday revealed that the cable from the signal box had been eaten through!

Wednesday 1st March – Tom Wood’s talk “When the Earth Moved”. A fascinating video – with narration from Tom – on how a concrete bridge was replaced over the River Exe on the M5 near Exeter. The new bridge was built alongside the road and then huge hydraulic rams pushed it into place. Not your average bridge – this one was several hundred yards long. Needless to say, Tom was one of the team involved.

Annual General Meeting

Our next meeting is the A.G.M. on Wednesday 5th April. 7.30pm start as usual.

 Bucket Days

 A reminder that 30th April is a “Bucket Day”. For any new member: we organise the parking at the Car Boot Sale on that day. This starts at about 7am. and allows us to hold out a bucket for donations as members of the public leave the field – hence the name of the event. Help is really needed on that day.

 Extended Running Days

 These are the dates when we stay on after the car boot sales and enjoy fellowship and play trains. This year these are:  30th April (bucket day – see above), 25th June & 6th August.

 Spalding Model Engineering Exhibition: 22nd & 23rd April

 Roger has the plans for this well in hand, and I look forward to seeing many of you there over the weekend.

Rugby MES Open Weekend – 27th & 28th May

 As I told you last month, this invite applies to every member. Further details on their website.


Work at Scarle

 We now have vacuum braked trains. Chris Birkett’s steam engine has been using the engine’s own exhauster. Tom is busy fitting out an electric pump in his driving truck and the Society’s brake trucks have working pumps. Tidying up the wiring in the compound area continues. Minor faults on the signals and point motors have been repaired. Some ballasting and levelling of the track has taken place. Loose platform slabs at the new station have been cemented down. The water tank at the new station has had a new tap fitted. The motion detector in the tunnel has been renewed. Most of the circuit has been treated with weed killer and lots of soil removed from the track – a lot of which having been put there by two legged animals! There has also been a lot of hand weeding needed especially in the compound area.

Drivers and signalmen

 Do not want to labour the point too much, but we do need volunteers to share the work. Any member who is 16 years of age or over can qualify. Training is given!

Skegness Model Village

 They are looking for volunteers to repair some of their model buildings if anyone is interested.

Narrow Gauge event at Rugby 8th & 9th July 2017

An invitation for any member with a narrow gauge engine in any of the common gauges (2½”, 3½”, 5” & 7¼”) to run on their track. Poster attached telling you how to apply if you want to go.


 North Scarle Village Hall. Meetings start at 7.30pm except in summer – see below.

.Wednesday 5th April A.G.M.

  • Wednesday 3rd May “Bits & Pieces”. Your chance to show off what you have been up to in your workshop this winter!
  • Wednesday 7th June – running night at North Scale from 6pm
  • Wednesday 5th July – running night at North Scale from 6pm
  • Wednesday 2nd August – running night at North Scale from 6pm

 Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary


Newsletter – February 2017

Dear Members,

This is the last newsletter before the start of another season at North Scarle – i.e. Sunday19th March. Where has the last six months gone? Do try and come and support the Society during the season. Believe me, the experience is well worthwhile and the more volunteers there are the less a burden it is for the ones who help.


Elsie Ransom’s Funeral

The Society was well represented at both the service at the crematorium and the memorial service in Ruskington. Ron informs me that £500 was raised for the British Heart Foundation, and he thanks those who attended and/or contributed.


Wednesday 1st February Karen Crowe – Lincoln Town Crier. This was something different – a packed village hall and a marvellous speaker. Karen is well suited to the role; no microphone and I sat at the back of the room and heard every word.

Future Meetings:

The full list below, but just to remind you:

Wednesday 1st March –“When the earth moved” Talk by Tom Wood

  • Wednesday 5th April A.G.M. The official notice soon to follow


Spalding Model Engineering Exhibition: 22nd & 23rd April

A final reminder that Roger needs names / details of models by 1st March.  Roger’s contact details are:

Tel    01522684073       mobile    07814299557



Gilling Open Day – Saturday March 25th

 One for the members with 5” scale standard gauge locomotives. An open invitation by the Ryedale Society. They will provide the riding trucks and rolling stock. Let me know if you are interested in attending.

 Rugby MES Open Weekend – 27th & 28th May

 This invite applies to every member. Poster attached.

New Society Locomotive

 The Society has purchased and almost new 5” Gauge Planet 0-4-0 narrow gauge shunter. This has been stripped down and repaired by Tom Wood. A battery has been purchased and the loco tested. It will be ideal for our younger members to drive. Obviously, training will be given before they are let loose!


Work at Scarle

Sad to say that things have been a little quiet at Scarle recently – holidays and the dreaded lurgy seems to have struck several members, and those who made it there have been affected by the bitter weather. However, there is now a determined effort to get the place neat and tidy for the start of the season.

My excuse was a trip to London. Went to the Science Museum principally to see Tim Peake’s space capsule – worth a visit and how on earth did three astronauts fit in it? It is tiny. Susan and I also measured the track gauge under Puffing Billy – (Susan just happened to have a tape measure in her handbag – as you do!) and the gauge was five feet – so where did 4’8½” come from?



 North Scarle Village Hall. All meetings start at 7.30pm


  • Wednesday 1st March –“When the earth moved” Talk by Tom Wood
  • Wednesday 5th April A.G.M.
  • Wednesday 3rd May “Bits & Pieces”. Your chance to show off what you have been up to in your workshop this winter!



Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary


Newsletter – January 2017

Dear Members,

Just another week before our first meeting of 2017. Let us hope that it soon warms up a bit!

Wednesday 1st February Karen Crowe – Lincoln Town Crier. This meeting is open to all and especially suitable for the fairer sex. Please let me know if you intend to come. Other groups from the village are also invited. Just to repeat, it is of general interest and nothing to do with lumps of metal, milling machines or lathes. Usual starting time of 7.30pm. We are in the main hall of North Scarle Village Hall for this meeting.

Dates for your Diary

 We now know the “bucket days” for 2017. For the benefit of new members, these are the dates when we organise the car parking at the Sunday Car Boot sales at North Scarle. For this chore, we are allowed to collect donations (in a bucket) as members of the public leave the field. This can make respectable additions to our income every year. Lots of volunteers are needed, so please put the following two dates in your diaries: 30th April and 28th May

Spalding Model Engineering Exhibition: 22nd & 23rd April

 We are once again participating in this show. The member co-ordinating our efforts is Roger Elliott. Roger is collating the names of members who would like to exhibit and steward our stand at the show. Please contact him directly if you would like to participate. He needs details before 1st March of both exhibitors and those willing to act as stewards. You can attend the show without telling Roger but it will cost you £7 to get in! Again, for the benefit of new members; your models can be displayed in complete or unfinished condition. Security is taken very seriously – the exhibits are alarmed and signed passes are needed before any exhibit leaves the pavilion. Notwithstanding, Roger will need a value that you put on your model for insurance purposes. Please note Elliott only has one “t” in the email address! Roger’s contact details are:

Tel    01522684073       mobile    07814299557



Scrap Run

 Last Thursday (19th January) two trailer loads of scrap went from our compound to the scrap dealer. This added no less than £230 to our Society Funds. Many thanks to all those who contributed. Keep bringing in the scrap metal. We now have a new source of material; new member Roger Thompson has an engineering business and brought in a very large amount of swarf. Well done, Roger.

Work at Scarle

 Tom Wood has kindly donated a metal garden shed. This has been erected next to the compound signal box and is to be used by the gardening & track maintenance team thus relieving some of the congested storage in the “tunnel”. Now that the compound signal box is operational, it will be useful if the loop through the tunnel is kept clear to run trains and this new shed should play its part in this.

Society Drivers

 Here is a list of drivers registered to drive our trains carrying members of the general public:

             Non-Steam;             Chris Birkett, Hayden Birkett, Dave Brooks, Richard Childs, Ben Clarke,             Roger Elliott, Neil Grayston, John Ives, Andrew Matthews, Colin Parker, Terry Peacock,       Bob Pickford, Dave Pierce, Lawrence Tatton, Brian West & Tom Wood.

Steam: Chris Birkett, Hayden Birkett, Dave Brooks, Dave Pierce, Colin Parker,   Lawrence Tatton, Brian West & Tom Wood

Please contact one of the committee members if you are interested in joining either list.



North Scarle Village Hall. All meetings start at 7.30pm


  • Wednesday 1st February Karen Crowe – Lincoln Town Crier (See above)
  • Wednesday 1st March –“When the earth moved” Talk by Tom Wood
  • Wednesday 5th April A.G.M.
  • Wednesday 3rd May “Bits & Pieces”. Your chance to show off what you have been up to in your workshop this winter!


Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary


Newsletter – December 2016


Dear Members,

Santa Specials – 11th & 18th December

If you missed them, you missed them! Two fantastic days and, for the middle of December, not bad weather. 11th December was a kind of practice; nice and steady all afternoon. 18th was something else. We just had to keep going! There were four trains marshalled: Tom and Chris with steam, Bob’s petrol engine and the Society’s Hymek. These were ably assisted by Andy Matthews, John Ives and Thomas with their traction engine. All five machines behaved impeccably and they needed to! Richard Linford was relieved this year by new member Mike White as the man in red with a white beard. A new star is born. They were ably assisted by Liz in Santa’s Grotto. Roger soon settled in to being the “Thin Controller” despatching families to Santa. Bill. Colin, Richard Childs and Brian shared the crossing gates and relief driving. Chairman Dave relieved our guests of their monies assisted on 18th by Andy Hobbins. Terry controlled the station activities and I skulked in the signal box trying to keep trains moving. All this would not be possible without the ladies, Glenda, Diana, Susan, Lyn, Mandy and Jean, who furnished our guests with cakes, mince pies and hot drinks.


This event is a kind of thank you to the people of the village for their support. It is not a profit making venture but, because of the generosity of Sainsbury’s in Lincoln, we manage to break even.

Work at Scarle

Preparation for the Santa Specials had taken priority in the early part of December. However this has not stopped further work in the workshop with the wiring and general upgrading. If you haven’t been in there for a while, I think that you will be impressed.

Santa Specials behind us, we are all taking a break until 5th January. Then it is a concerted effort to get outstanding tasks complete before the car boot Sundays begin. New faces are always welcome. Engineering skills are not essential. E.g. can you wield a paint brush?

 Projects List

 Projects still looking for volunteers this winter are:

  • Wooden Roof in tunnel to replace the black plastic sheeting
  • Gazebo – broken in the storms needs mending
  • Crossing Boards – replacement of rotten planks
  • Signal Box – the new box is working but fittings need making to replace temporary cardboard ones etc
  • Painting – various – touches of the “Forth Bridge” here. i.e. always ongoing.
  • Creosoting – as per painting
  • New Station – repairing of loose flag(s)


Heywood Society

 This Society will be visiting us at North Scarle on Friday 12th May. This will bring back fond memories for me spending many hours riding on 0-8-2 “River Irt” (formerly “Muriel”) on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Rly with its very distinctive Heywood valve gear.



 So, get you diaries out – here goes:


Car boot Sundays: every fortnight from 19th March to 19th September

Spalding Model Engineering Exhibition: 22nd & 23rd April

GL5 Society A.G.M. 27th to 30th July

Lincolnshire Steam & Vintage Rally: 19th & 20th August

Open Weekend: 23rd & 24th September

Proposed excursions with the portable track: (for each event we need five volunteers including someone who can tow the trailer with the track, someone who can take the stock – Tom Wood has said that we can borrow his trailer with the hydraulic crane so no heavy lifting – and someone who is on the Society register to drive engines.)

Proposed venues:       Hartsholme Country Park Sat 13th May 2017

                                          Skellingthorpe Gala (18th June)

                                          Boultham Summer Fair (probably 8th July – date not confirmed)

                                          Heckington Show: 29th & 30th July                                 

I need names of volunteers before any venue is confirmed


 North Scarle Village Hall. All meetings start at 7.30pm


  • January: No meeting
  • Wednesday 1st February Karen Crowe – Lincoln Town Crier. This meeting is open to all and especially suitable for the fairer sex. Please let me know if you intend to come.
  • Other groups from the village are also invited.
  • Wednesday 1st March –“When the earth moved” Talk by Tom Wood
  • Wednesday 5th April A.G.M.
  • Wednesday 3rd May “Bits & Pieces”. Your chance to show off what you have been up to in your workshop this winter!

Happy New Year to you all.

Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary


Newsletter – November 2016


Dear Members,


Everything at North Scarle is gearing up to the Santa Specials. Last year’s very successful event has given us something to try and emulate if not improve. More later.

The speaker at the November Meeting was our own Paul Hayes. A fascinating talk about the research and building of his field cannon as well as a lot of very interesting information about warfare and the weapons used. The talk included a demonstration on video of his cannon being fired. Useful fact: cannons are quite obviously not subject to hydraulic and steam tests, so how do they keep them safe from exploding? Quite simple; they are only fired a fixed number of times, dependent on the metal used, then scrapped!


Santa Specials – 11th & 18th December


Liz and Colin have been beavering away building Santa’s Grotto in the cricket pavilion. Just two Thursday left before the first event. As usual at this time of year, the track is ankle deep in leaves. Anyone with a Thursday to spare to come and help clear them would receive a warm welcome!


Work at Scarle


Leaves apart, there is a lot of activity at Scarle. So much so that when, for personal reasons, I arrived late last Thursday there wasn’t any space left for me in the mess room!

I’ll try to recall everything going on at the moment, but forgive me if I missed something:


  • The plates are installed in the turntable well and these have received a top coat of paint.


  • There is now a master switch near the exit door to the workshop that throws off all the non-essential circuits when we leave.


  • Both turnouts to the lean-to carriage shed are installed and the new track ballasted.


  • Plans are now in hand to raise the roof in the tunnel. Hoorah to that!


  • Good progress is being made with the vacuum brake system. The test vehicle has been a success and further pumps and larger batteries are being obtained.


  • “Gravestones” have been erected around those new point motor boxes in soil areas to help keep out soil ingress etc.





Projects List


Projects still looking for volunteers this winter are:

  • Wooden Roof in tunnel to replace the black plastic sheeting
  • Gazebo – broken in the storms needs mending
  • Crossing Boards – replacement of rotten planks
  • Signal Box – the new box is working but fittings need making to replace temporary cardboard fittings etc
  • Painting – various – touch of the “Forth Bridge” here. i.e. always ongoing.
  • Creosoting – as per painting
  • New Station – repairing of loose flag(s)


Can you help with any of these? Like I said earlier, there is a lot of activity already taking place at North Scale. Do come and give it a try. I, for one, really find the fun and fellowship a real tonic.


GL5 Society A.G.M. 2017


The GL5 Society must have enjoyed themselves last summer. They have chosen North Scarle to hold their AGM next year – 27th to 30th July and will be running once again on our track.




North Scarle Village Hall. All meetings start at 7.30pm


  • Wednesday 7th December: Plant Based Medicines – talk by Secretary Neil. This talk is absolutely nothing to do with model engineering. A friend was amazed how much medicine, even today, is based on natural sources and asked me to prepare a talk on the subject. If you want to come along with your “other half” then please feel free.


Please do remember that there is no meeting in January. (Just an early reminder).


Merry Christmas to you all if you cannot make it to the Santa events.


Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary




Newsletter – October 2016


Dear Members,


Now that the garden is less demanding, I hope that you are finding time to be active in your workshops! North Scarle, meanwhile, is a true picture with the autumn colours.

The October Meeting saw member Bill Shaw give an illustrated talk on 3D CAD. Bill was a teacher specialising in technology. The excellent quality of the talk was testament to that.

New members


As alluded to last month, welcome to Roger Thompson and his daughter Megan. As also mentioned last month, Megan has a “Polly 2” and to correct a small error: the Thompson’s are long term residents of Beckingham, Lincs. It is “Polly” that comes from Bradford.


Also, welcome back to Charles Pinchbeck. Charles, of Heckington Show fame, has a traction engine


Chris Birkett’s new engine.

Yet another steam engine. Chris is now the proud owner of a 7¼” gauge “Wren”. He intends to run the engine at the Santa Special events. q.v.

Next Meeting – Wednesday 2nd November

 This meeting may go with a bang! Talk by member Paul Hayes about the cannon that he has built.

Details below.


Fun Day – Thursday 3rd November

 Liz is back from her trip on the Trans Siberian Railway and is planning to cook the sausages and bacon left over from the Open Week-End. This will be combined with a running session at North Scarle. The more the merrier. Just let me know if you intend to be there so that Liz knows how many she is catering for.

Santa Specials  – 11th & 18th December


Planning is well advanced. Just to remind everyone that help is always needed. Again let me know if you can offer your services.  Many thanks to those how have already volunteered.


Work at Scarle

Work continues apace. We are now divided into groups thus accounting for a whole list of activities taking place simultaneously:


  • Plates have been cut and painted ready to go into the turntable pit under the wheels of the turning platform. This will make operating the turntable lot easier – possible shades of Garsdale on a windy day!


  • There is now an isolating switch for the new station electrics in the workshop – one to watch out for if you go to work at the new station.


  • The turnout for the second road into the lean-to carriage shed is under way.


  • The doors to the tunnel are being improved and provision for a “garden shed” next to the water tower is planned – on a personal note – this should help me not to bang my head just as often when I don’t have to make regular trips into the tunnel!


  • There has been a major leap forward in the saga of the vacuum brakes; a new pump has been sourced that is powerful enough to create and maintain a good vacuum. Early days, but I hope to report on progress on this project in the near future.




North Scarle Village Hall. All meetings start at 7.30pm


  • Wednesday 2nd November: talk by Paul Hayes on his cannon
  • Wednesday 7th December: Plant Based Medicines – talk by Secretary Neil


Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary




 Newsletter – September 2016

Dear Members,


The season of mellow fruitfulness is with us. Open Weekend and the car boot Sundays behind us. The car boot season has not been extended into the leaf fall season this year. I, for one, am grateful for that. Life will hopefully be far less hectic at North Scarle.

The Open Weekend (OWE)

What a great weekend it was. Good fun, good fellowship, good food and reasonable weather. The down side was the high winds on Saturday which cost us a gazebo. Dave Pierce and Brian West did a great job dealing with the guests. Glenda and Diana did a marvellous job organising the catering ably assisted by Joan, Susan and Jean. And those cakes! We could have managed a stall on the market with the quality and quantity available. Peter Adams and Tiny commentated and adjudicated as usual. Terry & Glenda Peacock were, once again, very active in the background making sure it all ran smoothly. It was also great to see lots of new faces: John Burden and Joan (q.v.), Mike White, Richard Childs, Neil Harris (with his son little Archie) and young Thomas Brennan.

Other items of interest: Ben Clarke brought his “Linda”, a one third scale model of the Ffestiniog engine. He already has the boiler but it is not yet fitted – next year? Bob towed “Linda” and Ben around the track with his petrol loco to check clearances. My “Polly” also made an appearance – at the rolling chassis stage – and was checked through our turnouts. Things are happening!

Trophy winners:-

Lincoln Steam Cup (best road vehicle) A.J.Whirledge from Repton, Derbyshire with his 3” Foden “C” Type Wagon & Trailer
St Marks Cup (best railway exhibit) Tom Wood from our Society with his Sweet William “Billie”

North Scarle Shield (best other exhibit) John Lee with his scale battery powered “steam car” ED1
Challenge Cup (best in show) A.J.Whirledge
Brian Ives Trophy (Society member for 2015) Tom Wood


Potential new members

 The other Thursday a member of the Bradford Model Engineering Society visited us with a “Polly 2” that he had bought his daughter. The engine looked at home on our track. The family have now moved to Beckingham, Lincs near Lawrence. Watch this space!

With Roger’s Polly, mine and then this new one, is the Society developing a case of Pollymania.


 Santa Specials

 Our next big event. 11th & 18th December.. John Ives is kindly providing the traction engine part of the experience this year. Can you help? Do let me know if you can. Lots of setting up needed as well as support on the days.


2017 – Car Boot Dates

One for your diary: the car boot sales start on Sunday 19th March and then every other Sunday as usual until 17th September.

Work at Scarle

A whole list of things to report:

  • The workshop has been totally remodelled under Tom’s direction. Come and see it. I am sure you will be impressed.
  • Meanwhile Tom has repaired a faulty regulator on his engine and performed well at OWE
  • Bob has repaired the bogies on his engine. We actually had to manage without it for a few weeks and we survived. The purchase of the Hymek proving its worth.
  • Andrew Matthews has led a team completing the wiring for the signals as well as sorting out the electric in the workshop.
  • Terry Peacock and Lawrence have been making good progress on linking up the new lean-to carriage shed to the rest of the yard. One track is now connected, and I can now recover the flat truck for weed spraying.
  • The two turnouts put in especially for and used by the GL5 group have been taken out.
  • The hitch lock for the trailer has been repaired.



 Back to North Scarle Village Hall for the Winter Season. All meetings start at 7.30pm

 Wednesday 5th October: talk by Bill Shaw on 3D CAD

Wednesday 2nd November: talk by Paul Hayes on his cannon

December onwards – ideas please!!!


Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary



Newsletter – August 2016


Dear Members,

I pen these notes having come back from helping set up our stand at the Lincoln Steam & Vintage Rally. What a splendid display we have with several new exhibits. Terry Peacock is in charge, as usual, and what a splendid job he does. If you haven’t been to this event, you should. I am sure that you will be surprised how big and diverse it is.

What a summer!!! But before I comment further:


New Member

We have yet another new member: Thomas Brennan. Thomas came with Uncles Andy Matthews and John Ives and was a valuable member of the team at Heckington Show. Last Thursday he celebrated his 15th birthday helping with the special running day for a group of special needs children. So just one year to practice, pass his test and join the list of those members on the drivers’ register.


North Scarle Primary School Fair on Saturday 2nd July

 A big thank you has been received. This is attached to the end of the newsletter. Many thanks again to those who helped at this very important PR exercise.

 Heckington Show: 30th & 31st July.

I wrote the July Newsletter just as this was being arranged. Another great success. New faces in the team: Tom Wood, Dennis Mellor, Andy Matthews, John Ives and not forgetting Thomas Brennan. It was also the first outing for Tom Wood’s Billie. Yes, we can offer steam again on the portable track thanks to Tom’s trailer with its hydraulic lift.

We are gathering a team of members who can share the outings of the portable track. Next season awaits!


GL5 Weekend 12th 13th & 14th August

What a show! We have received a big thank you from this Society as well. Lots of engines – both steam and “diesel”. Food provided by Liz and her ladies. This also marked the christening of the new signalling system within the compound area. The efforts of all those involved with this project were amply rewarded. It was great to see so many trains making use of our track.

Special Needs Children’s’ Running Day: 18th August

 A repeat of an event we held in 2015. This time without Bob’s engine (under repair), but the Hymek did us proud. Lawrence’s Holmside The Lady Diane and Tom’s Sweet William Bille provided steam haulage. Again, everything went smoothly (once Lawrence has removed a seed from inside his injector – how do these things happen?).

5” gauge Planet

 The Society is now the proud owner of a Maxitrak Planet battery electric. With the number of junior members increasing, this gives them, as well as all other members, a chance to practice on a locomotive that requires more “driving” than the Hymek.

 The Gate

 Well done everyone. The gate is being closed by members after they come through it. The finger of suspicion is not now pointing at us. There are members of the tennis club who are, however, proverbially not smelling as sweet!


Still to come this summer:

Food: the generosity of members and their ladies supporting the GL5 event means that Liz has lots of food left over. Do come and help relieve her of it next Thursday (25th August) at our normal weekly maintenance day

Our Open Weekend OWE (24th & 25th Sept) Already 31 Traction Engines are booked to attend as well as several locomotives. Please come and help set up on Thursday 22nd.

Work at Scarle

As mentioned earlier, Signalling of the compound was working for the GL5 event. Just the OWE to come and then there is the arranging of a programme for this winter.


Wednesday 7th September –  Back to the Village Hall. A discussion about the forthcoming OWE. With so many new faces, a chance to meet up with them, introduce yourselves, and make sure everyone knows about the OWE and Santa Specials.

Wednesday 5th October: talk by Bill Shaw on 3D CAD

Wednesday 2nd November: talk by Paul Hayes on his cannon

Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary


Newsletter – July 2016

Dear Members,


The Gate

 I have been asked to comment on the gate that now protects the playing field at North Scarle. This, for those not familiar with it, is situated close to the camping ground just beyond the village hall.

There was a complaint that it was left open during the period of our last meeting night – probably, as it happens, not by us. However the committee insists:

That you close the gate after you even if you discover it open when you come to it.

 That way we can point the finger at others when things go wrong.


New Members

 As reported last month, two more members were voted in at the July Committee Meeting:

John Burden: John lives in Thorpe on the Hill and so does not have far to travel to North Scarle. He is quickly becoming a regular on the Thursday team.

Michael White: Michael hails from just around the corner from our Chairman Dave in Ruskington – a little further to travel – but is also a regular attendee on Thursdays.

Please introduce yourself to them and make them both welcome.


Recent Events

 Much has happened since the last newsletter. July began with the Society doing “its bit” for the North Scarle Primary School Fair on Saturday 2nd by taking the portable track to the school.


The day after we ran trains at North Scarle for a birthday party.


On 9th the portable track was out again at the Boultham Park Fair. The new team now know what assembly in pouring rain is all about. The weather cleared at 1pm and the afternoon was a great success culminating in a fly past by a clipped wing Spitfire. Following on from the Hurricane at Skellingthorpe, I await the surprise at Heckington!


The 10th was our “Bucket Day”. Many thanks to everyone who helped. Can I single out Andy Hobbins who came and did a marvellous job as he has done for a long time – long before I joined the Society?


The dry spell since the rain at Boultham Park finally broke in time to ruin the planned “birthday party” on 28th. This has now been re-arranged for 18th August. I call it a birthday party, because we run it as such, but is in fact a “get together” of families with children of special needs.

Heckington Show: 30th & 31st July. Indeed, this is taking place as I jot these notes. Last year was spoiled by the weather. This year we are promised a little better.

Still to come this summer:

Lincoln Steam & Vintage Rally: 20th & 21st August.

GL5 Weekend 12th 13th & 14th August

 Our Open Weekend (24th & 25th Sept) Already 31 Traction Engines are booked to attend as well as several locomotives.

Work at Scarle

Signalling of the compound is almost complete and hopefully commissioned for the GL5 event.

The two points leading off and on to the track between the exit gate and compound are installed. The GL5 group intend to build a goods yard between them


 Next Wednesday (3rd August) is the third and last of our Summer Season of running nights. Members usually gather from about 6pm. Hope to see you there! See my note at the top of the newsletter about the gate if you are coming.

Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary

Newsletter – June 2016

Dear Members,

New Members

 Ethan Rathmell, the new member mentioned last month is a young boy who loves to ride on the trains on car boot days. It was suggested to his mother that becoming a member was a sound economic choice. Since then he is certainly seen getting value for money!

Richard Childs was elected into the Club at June’s Committee Meeting. Richard has become a regular on both car boot Sundays and Thursday working parties. Indeed Richard is moving house and busy dismantling the track around his garden. Some of this track has been donated to the Society. See below under work at North Scarle. Richard has a battery electric 5” gauge “Hercules”

And it doesn’t stop there; I have two more applications in my bag for the next Committee Meeting!

Portable Track Events

 Following on from the training day in May, the “new team” has successfully taken the track to two events mentioned last month. The first of these was Skellingthorpe Gala (Fathers’ Day – 19th June). Everything went well and the team was also treated to a fly past by a Hurricane fighter. The Lindum Group Family Day (25th June), which took place at Jocasta’s, Thorpe on the Hill, again went well. The team involved were treated royally by the hosts including more food than they could eat!

Your Society Needs you:

 Events now come thick and fast. If anyone can lend a hand, even for just one event a year, then please think of volunteering. The two events so far have netted the equivalent of eight membership fees to help keep the costs down of running the Society.

Coming up are:

 North Scarle Primary School on 2nd July: 11am to 3pm this Saturday. The village does a lot for us. This is a kind of thank you. If you can help, just turn up on the day.

Birthday Party on 3rd July: 12noon until 3pm at North Scarle. More hands the merrier.

 Boultham Park Fair on 9th July: and back to our old haunts. We shall be setting up from about 9.30am. The fair is from 11am until 5pm. This is usually busy but great fun. Just email me if you can offer assistance.

Bucket Day 10th July at North Scarle. This includes parking vehicles for the car boot from 7am. Make a day of it; it is also “extended running” on that day. We do need as many hands as possible to make this a success. Again, email me if you can offer assistance.

Birthday Party on 28th July: Again at North Scarle (on a Thursday)

Heckington Show: 30th & 31st July. Plans for this are well advanced. Steam will be back this year in the shape of Billy, Tom’s engine. Again, if you can offer help I need to know – You will not get in otherwise!

Lincoln Steam & Vintage Rally: 20th & 21st August. Terry Peacock is the lead for this event. Those who have offered to exhibit should have received a reminder from him about supplying him with details of their models.

 The other big event this Summer:

GL5 Weekend 12th 13th & 14th August

 Our Society is hosting the event for 2016. Plans are well in hand. There is an invite to members with 5” gauge engines – provided that you also have a 5” gauge riding truck – then you can come and join them. There will be trains to haul and shunt. They run “real scale trains” and do not pull passengers. Be warned!

There is also the Open Weekend (24th & 25th Sept) and the Santa Specials all well into the planning stage.

Work at Scarle

The compound is a hive of activity: points being prepared for the GL5 event as well as linking up the new carriage shed, signals being installed and wired up and point motors installed.


 Next Wednesday (6th July) see the second of our Summer Season of running nights. Members usually gather from about 6pm. Hope to see you there!

 Payment of Subscriptions

This is a last call if you have not already paid. Just a reminder of the rates: £55 for adults and £24 for juniors (under 16 years of age)


Neil Grayston, Hon.  Secretary