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Newsletter – August 2020

Dear Members,

By now, it is blatantly obvious that we are all in it for the long haul with this pandemic and no end in sight. However, look on the bright side, model engineers and railway modellers are in a good place. I, for one, am looking forward to lots of new exhibits when the exhibition circuits resume.

So lets get the bad news out of the way first: for anyone still unaware; the 2020 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibitions in October has joined the list of cancelled events.

Meanwhile, your committee has deliberated over holding social events at Scarle, but the “maximum of 30 persons” makes this very difficult. Having said that, a team regularly meets at our site at North Scarle on Thursdays for maintenance. Please feel free to pop in and see us. Great to see past chairman Dave Brooks recently when he made a fleeting visit.

We meet outside so, I would suggest, don’t come if the forecast is rain! Anyone wanting to bring and run an engine, please drop me a line, and I can tell you if the circuit is going to be open – see “Work at Scarle” below.

Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions

Just a reminder that for the the period 6th September to 27th November. Every time a member shops and uses their dividend card a donation will go to their local Community Champions listed in that period. In addition, money is added to the pot from carrier bag sales, collection boxes, event days and colleague fundraising. So, please support the co-op as much as possible and,if you live in the Lincolnshire co-op area and are not already a member, please join.


Mike White can now update our Facebook page. Do have a look. He is looking for photos / notes. His email address:

Lock-down News

John Burden purchased a chassis from Tom Woods and has been building a steam outline battery electric locomotive on it using parts from an invalid carriage and with the help of John Lee.

Looking forward to seeing it perform at Scarle

Work at Scarle

The new train shed is well advanced. The roof is now on and the posts cemented in. Once the concrete is set, the cross member will be removed!

Meanwhile, the damaged track near Boot Corner has been repaired and just needs bedding in.

With the train shed nearly complete, work is resuming on track renewal (hence the need to check track availability) and re-wiring in the level crossing area.

Pat has cleared out the bed by the station giving access to paint the fence which she has now done.

Liz and Colin are making steady progress with the raised beds making the track side next to Swinderby Road look a lot neater.

Sorry that Colin is a bit blurred in the photo – slow down, Colin!

Keep safe,


Newsletter – July 2020

Dear Members,


Lock-down may have eased, but the “spike” in Leicester has affected the Society. Why? Treasurer Andrew Matthews lives in the lock down area. He was the lead in the installation of the “train shed” that he himself sourced. So, work on the project stalled when he had to go back to isolating.


More on Scarle activity later.


No Heckington Show this year. A very important event for the Society with the exposure it gives us. The only grace I can offer member Charles Pinchbeck and his team at Heckington is that the weather that week-end was not too good. Did spot Terry Peacock driving our Hymek on the BBC clip reporting on earlier years of the show.


Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions


Some more details: The period in question is 6th September to 27th November. Every time a member shops and uses their dividend card a donation will go to their local Community Champions listed in that period. In addition, money is added to the pot from carrier bag sales, collection boxes, event days and colleague fundraising. So, please support the co-op as much as possible and,if you live in the Lincolnshire co-op area and are not already a member, please join.


 Australian request

Sue Taylor received a request via our Facebook page from a   Gerald Cox for information regarding the current status of a   locomotive that he had built and subsequently sold before he  emigrated. An easy query to answer. He sold it to Ray Buttery  when Ray was a member of the Society

Colin and Liz contacted Ray and sent Gerald this photo of Sylvia,   the locomotive in question.

Work at Scarle

Pat, along with Tom and Bren, her grandchildren, and her  daughter Michelle have beavered away at the fence painting. Liz  has meantime continued with her gardening. The weeds are  now losing the fight – at last – and with the help of others,   notably Liz and Tony, I have got the track looking more   respectable.

The rest, led by Colin, have been busy relaying the track from the tunnel to Boot Corner replacing rotten sleepers as they go and putting in edging to which, it is hoped, the field grass will grow making a neat boundary rather than an untidy area between the track and mown grass.

There is a problem that has come to light: where the path crosses the track next to Boot Corner the track has been damaged. Nothing definitive, but we think we know the culprit. This needs repairing and, hopefully, made safe from damage in the future. This, and the storage of the “Train Shed” components in the tunnel means that the running of trains is still temporarily suspended. Sorry!

Owl Laser Castings

 This firm keeps sending me copy via the website. Their web address is  I know nothing about this firm, but it may be helpful to somebody.

Lock-down news

Great that members have been doing meaningful projects whilst being confined to barracks. Two examples I have received:

Richard Linford, he of Santa fame, has been busy building   a model railway for his son.

“In progress” photo attached.

Meanwhile, our Webmaster Ben Clarke has been making     great progress with his big Hunslet Linda. For those who  do not know, this is a 7¼” gauge model of a full size    1’11½” gauge engine. Put it another way about one third           of the size of the original, and so is not a machine that you   can manhandle from the back of the car!


Keep safe,


Newsletter – June 2020

Dear Members,

No real sign of “normality” returning and I, for one, shall not be going to the pub on 4th July if Bournemouth beach etc is an indication of what might happen.

Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions

 Liz’s persistence has paid off. After last year’s disappointment, she was surprised to hear that we have been shortlisted for the Autumn 2020 list. This already means that we shall receive at least £500 for our funds. Much needed at the moment. I shall let you know if there is anything further that you could do to help.

Bob’s Engine

 Anyone who visits Scarle cannot be but impressed by how the blue painted petrol engined locomotive affectionately known as “Old Faithful” just keeps going car boot after car boot. Bob Pickford has kindly donated the engine to the Society. Big thank you to Bob.


Yours truly actually made use of it last Thursday hauling a maintenance train to the other end of the field. At 32 degrees Celsius, it was too much like hard work getting all the gear there that I needed on foot.


North Scarle

With regard to Social Distancing, monthly meetings are still on hold, but members are managing to continue with maintenance tasks at North Scarle whilst observing these rules. Do come and join in, but not if it is raining – cannot all social distance in the mess room!

On the first Thursday in June, Brian West steamed his new engine – a BR Standard 9F – a black one just as I, for one, remember them. Brought back fond memories for me of seeing the “Anhydrides” on the Settle-Carlisle Railway.

 The big event at Scarle is the acquisition of a redundant bus shelter from a Waitrose store that is closing near Treasurer Andrew’s home. This is now in its basic parts adorning our site. The Thursday gang is in the process of re-erecting it as a “train shed” at the station with the aim of protecting station staff and trains during inclement weather – saves having to make a dash into the tunnel when a sudden shower ensues as was the case in the past. Andrew has involved two of his nephews in the project. Great to see them and his mother-in-law Pat helping; Pat being a helper for Liz with her fence painting.

Also great to see new member Tony Cass becoming very much a part of the Thursday gang. He has been busy welding then painting the pole to mount the security cameras requested by the village Hall Playing Fields Committee.

Because of the lack of other opportunities to run trains, Plan A was to make every first Thursday a “running day”. However, the arrival of the bus shelter has halted this – the track is blocked in several

Newsletter – April 2020

Dear Members,

If, like me, you are fed up with all the doom and gloom and back biting in the media (did Churchill get this 80 years ago?), so I shall get rid of my “gloomy” bits first.


 We have been notified that the following events have been cancelled:

  • Lincolnshire Steam and Vintage Rally: 22nd & 23rd August
  • Hartsholme Country Park Fun Day: 9th August

Heard nothing from any other event, but do not hold out too much hope.


 Longer term members might have thought that we had left this problem behind when we moved away from Boultham Park. Sad to say, it has raised its ugly head at Scarle; the water tank at the new station has been completely wrecked. The authorities have a fair idea who the culprits are but, so far, have no proof. If you live near by, do be on the look out and report anything untoward to the police.

Now the good bits:


Many thanks to the majority who have renewed. Reminders went out to those who let it slip their mind. Just to say that from 1st May the subscriptions are £55 adult and £24 for members under 16 years of age.

Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions Application

You may remember Liz’s attempt to gain funding for the Society last Autumn and many thanks for those who voted at the time. Well, Liz has been told that we have made the shortlist again to go through to voting for the Autumn 2020 challenge. More details, I am sure, nearer the time.


An article that I read in EIM recently extolled the benefits of making good use of the extra free time to do more in the workshop. I have recently made use over the internet of Blackgates, CUP Alloys, Items, EKP, Tracy Tools and Machine Mart, so am doing my bit! They are all very willing to help.

I expect the Society’s next “bits and pieces” event to be very busy!

  Society Badges and Polo Shirts

 Just to remind everyone that I have stocks of the badges (£3) and “target” polo shirts £15). Just let me know and I can bring them along to Scarle when we get back there.

There are firms who can supply a variety of items, e.g. sweat shirts, jumpers, fleeces and polo shirts (with or without target). If there are enough members interested, I am sure something can be arranged.

 And finally:

Nothing to do with engineering, but it is marvellous how the nation is pulling together to get through this pandemic. The “Thursday clapping” is a simple example. The willingness by the majority to self isolate, though this does have an interesting consequence – probably aware of it because of my pharmacy background – spotting drug dealers is now dead easy: tricky to “deal” staying two meters away let alone staying at home!

The number of people doing their bit for the front line services. A local school has gone over to producing face shields and neighbours of mine sewing face masks. The girls at David Neiper in Alfreton have gone over to producing protective clothing for front line staff. Over the Easter Holiday they went in and made 7000 “scrubs” and, amusingly, sewed the company label into every garment. So the local hospitals now have very posh gowns.

I am sure that you all know of many other examples like these.

Keep safe,






Newsletter – March 2020

Dear Members,

What a change since last month! Sunday should have seen the start of our season at Scarle as we all arrived early if not too bright after the start of Summertime. With the entire country in lock-down, we can all just wait and see how things pan out. So to begin:


 Many thanks for accepting the committee’s decision on how to proceed in the absence of an AGM.

So, the amounts remain £40 for adults if paid early i.e. before 1st May 2020 & £24 for members under 16 years of age. A reminder at the full rate of subscription will be sent out to those who have not paid by this time. Subscriptions can be paid in one of two ways:


  1. by bank transfer from your account to the Society. (The preferred method). The details


Sort Code: 77-71-45

Account: 45416268

Reference: your name


  1. by cheque (Payee: L&DMES)

via:      Andrew Matthews

L&DMES Membership Secretary

22 Holme Drive




With every letter now costing at least 65p in postage, and Andrew and I realising that there is no immediate reason you needing your membership cards, he will keep the cards and place them in the Mess Room at North Scarle as soon as he is able to go there. Please furnish an S.A.E. If any different.

New Member

It is with great pleasure that I can announce a new member. Tony Cass lives in Waddington and, before the enforced shut down, he had already made himself at home on the Thursday Working parties. He is building both a “Tich”  and the stationary steam plant which has just been serialised in EIM.


 It hardly goes without saying that Car Boots at North Scarle are cancelled indefinitely.

The field at Scarle is closed. Indeed there is a chain and padlock on the gate.

All Society activities (e.g. meetings, working parties, portable track, boiler testing) are all on hold.

“Bits and Pieces” 4th March

 A very enjoyable evening in the nice warm mess room at Scarle. Made even better by Liz with “sausages in rolls” for everyone.

Tiny Trains

 Our railway at Scarle features every year in this book, and every year I am asked by the publishers to update our details. This I do. I also thought that it was sensible to update the photo that goes with our entry. So, on our very last working day at Scale there was a gathering of locomotives a photograph taken.

Soccer Books, the publishers, sell this book for £9.99. It is a very useful guide to lots of miniature railways around the country. They are offering copies to us at £4.99. I have one or two people who want copies. If you would like one as well, drop me an email.

NGLEC – Edisford Bridge, Clitheroe – Saturday 25th July

 Please find a poster attached for this event. There is a good pub called the Edisford Bridge Hotel next to the site. A nostalgic place for me; where I took Susan on our first date. The Ribble Valley Steamers are a friendly lot and would make you very welcome. The said caravan park is a Caravan & Camping Club site.

News from Scarle

 The ballast had arrived and work continued on track renewal. The mess room was looking even better every time I looked. The servicing of trucks was well advanced. The raised bed planting really looked great; far better than the weeds of old. About two thirds of the track had been treated for weeds. I shudder to think what we shall find on our return – shades of the Talyllyn in 1951!

Be positive and enjoy the extra time in your workshops!



Newsletter – February 2020


Dear Members,

A sincere hope that everyone has not been too much affected by these storms that we seem to be getting every weekend at the moment. So far, North Scarle has not been affected. Indeed, with all the work last year on the mess room, it is great not to be paddling in there.

I am able to get this newsletter out in February because of the extra day this year! Next month is the month that we come out of hibernation and start running trains again on 29th. Indeed I was out with Bob’s engine on Thursday carting leaves and debris raked off the circuit starting to get ready for that day.

February 5th – Ron Ransom “Electrification of The Kent Coast Lines”

A very interesting talk by Ron. Ron was responsible for a large number of men during this work. There were one or two sad incidents includied. For example, having to deal with a body of a ganger who still had the warning notice informing him that the third rail was being made live in his back pocket; very sad. Many thanks Ron for the talk.

National Model Engineering Exhibition, Doncaster, 8th 9th & 10th May.

As per the email that I sent everyone, sadly we have had to decline participating. There were not enough members willing to support the event either with exhibits or their time.

“Bits and Pieces” 4th March

The Society Meeting for March is the chance to bring and show what you have achieved in your workshop this Winter. The heating in the Village Hall has still not been fixed, so it has been decided to meet in the mess room. It is nice and snug in there. Those who have not been since it was altered have a chance to come and see. 7pm for 7.30 as usual.

RAF Waddington Family Day, Saturday 20th June

We have been asked to take the portable track to this. Please put this in your diary if you would like to come and help. Details to follow nearer the time.

PAACT – Thursday 20th August

Parents And Autistic Children Together. We shall be running trains for this group again this year. The normal “Thursday Gang” will see to this, but please come along and help if you would like to. The youngsters really enjoy it. It is a very pleasant atmosphere.

AGM. Wednesday 1st April

The details for this will be sent out very shortly. Do please attend. Last year, we very nearly had to reconvene the meeting with all the problems and inconvenience that this would have caused.

Lincoln Steam & Vintage Rally – 22nd & 23rd Aug

I hope that all the “traction engine members” noted the new date. I am told that this may affect their programme for the season. Not the fault of the organisers. Someone at the showground took a booking for a caravan rally on the usual weekend. Meanwhile, £800,000 is being sent on upgrading the exhibition hall. I hope that this will make it less draughty.

News from Scarle

The wet weather has held up finishing the outside work on the mess hut. Removing leaves still around after the autumn fall is almost complete. and preparing ballast retaining strips is progressing well in conjunction with the track renewal programme along the back straight just after the new station tunnel.

The annual service of the trucks, passenger and brake, is well advanced including re-profiling wheels where needed.

The Planet is almost back together ready for use having had its electrics sorted.

The track alongside Swinderby Road is looking a lot tidier with flower beds replacing lots of weeds and long grass.


March 4th – “Bits and Pieces” Remember the change of venue: Mess Room at North Scarle

April 1st – AGM  Back to North Scarle Village Hall, 7 for 7.30pm for this one. The hope is that there will not be enough room in the Mess Room!


May to August: an evening of fellowship and running trains.


Newsletter – December 2019

Dear Members,

I hope that everyone had a pleasant and relaxing Christmas.

Santa Specials 8th & 15th December 

These seem to go very well. It managed to keep dry on both days even if 8th was a bit cool because of a strong breeze. Sunday 15th was a perfect Winter’s day. A big thank you to everyone who helped. Everyone contributed to make the days a success, but can I once again mention the two members “dressed in red” Richard Linford and Mike White. I don’t know how they keep a straight face at times (or is that why they have a big, white beard? I would love to be with Liz (Santa’s Little Helper) sometimes to witness the banter. I haven’t seen the final figures yet. We grossed well over £600, but expenses need to come off that. Liz does a grand job getting the Santa’s Gifts on sale or return.


 A list of dates for your diary:

Car Boots start on Sunday 29th March – then every fortnight until 27th September

National Model Engineering Exhibition, Doncaster: 10th 11th & 12th May

Skellingthorpe Gala: 28th June

Boultham Park Summer Fair: 11th July

Heckington Show: 25th & 26th July

Hartsholme Country Park Fun Day: Probably 9th August – to be confirmed

Lincolnshire Steam and Vintage Rally: 22nd & 23rd August

Open Weekend: 19th & 20th September

Santa Specials: 6th & 13th December

News from Scarle

I have nothing to report which, since we have been on the Christmas recess and not keeping our eyes on the place, can hopefully only be a good thing!

As previously reported, the Thursday maintenance starts again on 9th January. First task is to tidy up after the Santa Specials before tackling the list of jobs that we have. This includes the track renewal programme, so the usual warning about the track being likely to be severed at times. Please check before bringing a loco to test.


 No Society Meeting in January

Next meeting: Wednesday 5th February – still no firmed up details.

A very Happy New Year to you all,  Neil

Newsletter – November 2019


Dear Members,

Better late than never! A bit tied up lately including a trip to the Cardiologist at Northern General Hospital, Sheffield. Nothing untoward there, but combining it with a visit to Meadowhall was a bit fraught. Didn’t realise it was Black Friday!

Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions

Many thanks to everyone who supported this, but sad to say that we were not successful

 Santa Specials 8th & 15th December 2019 12noon to 3pm.

Our next big fundraising events. If you can come and help, please do. Even beforehand, there are still loads of leaves to clear from the track – this Thursday or the morning of 8th. The heavy rain has not helped. It brought all the leaves down very quickly and left them sodden so that the blower was useless. The station area is clear, but the rest of the circuit needs tackling.

OWE Traction Engine Coordinator

A new person needed for 2020. Andrew Matthews will work with the new volunteer to show them the ropes.

Lincolnshire Steam and Vintage Rally

In response to the problems caused by travellers at this year’s show there will be several changes for the 2020 show:

  • no paying at the gate for visiting caravans
  • caravans towed by vans or high sided commercial vehicles not allowed! We need clarification on this because most miniature TE exhibitors tow with vans.
  • souvenir models to be discontinued
  • new security firm both on gates and also providing 24 hour cover.
  • date changed to 22nd & 23rd August

News from Scarle

Cladding the outside of the mess room walls has taken place and tidying up of the compound tunnel ready for the 8th.Unfortunately, most Thursdays have been very wet preventing much outside activity. Bob and Chairman Roger have replaced the fence between gate and workshop where the water tank previously stood.

Track renewal will commence again in the New Year. Usual warning about track availability

Christmas recess

After the Santa Specials on 15th December the Thursday morning group will start their Christmas / New Year break and reassemble on Thursday 9th January.


 December: No meeting at North Scarle – those who have booked are having a Christmas Dinner instead.

 No Society Meeting in January

Next meeting: Wednesday 5th February – no details as yet.

Merry Christmas,



 Newsletter – October 2019


Dear Members,


Somewhat earlier this month because of the first Item; The Railway Inn is wanting numbers.


Christmas Dinner


This year, a room has been booked at The Railway Inn, Station Road Thorpe on the Hill for Thursday 5th December. It will be in the evening, time to be confirmed. Please note that this is a Thursday. Menu attached. 30 places have been reserved on a first come basis. Please let me know if you are attending with your choices. Deposits to be sorted later.


Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions


Voting will continue until 21st October.


If you have not already done so, please vote for the Society and ask friends and family to do so as well.


Santa Specials 8th & 15th December 2019 12noon to 3pm.


Put these in your diary. Help is needed on the days and immediately to help set up the grotto.




The Scrap Yard that we used in Newark has closed. The price we got for steel/iron at a new site makes it not worthwhile carting this. Please now only bring non-ferrous scrap and batteries to Scarle. We can still get a good price for these.


OWE Traction Engine Coordinator: A new person needed for 2020. Andrew Matthews will work with the new volunteer to show them the ropes.


News from Scarle


A lot of effort has gone into the mess-room roof and this is now finished. The water tank has also been moved so that it is more convenient for watering the flower beds adjacent to Swinderby Road. It just needs plumbing in. Come and have a look at the mess-room. It really does “look the part” both inside and out..


Whilst the majority have been working on the roof, Lawrence, Terry and Colin have been relaying the track on the hedge side just beyond the tunnel. Remember my warning from last month; if you want to come and run a loco, check first that the circuit is complete.


Next Meeting


November 6th Monthly meeting in North Scarle Village Hall. (7 for 7.30pm) – a video night.



Finally a grovel to David Brooks. With all that I have had to deal with lately, I forgot to add this to the last Newsletter:


For Sale because of health problems:


¾” Scale “Alchin” Traction Engine

Currently dismantled

Original boiler suspect – replacement part built


Workshop tools, taps and dies also available

Model of a hay bailer


Contact details: John on 01526 833546 (Ruskington)


Newsletter – September 2019


Dear Members,


Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions


Voting has started and will continue until 21st October.


Got it slightly wrong (word of mouth and all that!). The application is specifically towards the cost of the new mess room roof. In the request, Liz reminded the administrators of the valuable service that the Society provides to the local community such as giving train rides annually for hundreds of children including many that are disadvantaged. Please vote for the Society and ask friends and family to do so as well.


Open Weekend 21st & 22nd September


Still reeling a bit after the Open Weekend. How Andrew Matthews and his team kept their cool, I do not know. First of all a caravan group turned up for a meet that was supposed to have been cancelled and claimed the entire field. Then a football team turned up to play a game and it took a call to the FA to agree that the venue was changed from “home” to “away”. Many thanks to Barry Quibble, Chairman of the Village Hall & Playing Field Committee, for his help in sorting this out on our behalf. Then the weather; the forecast is fairly accurate these days. We were promised a great day on the Saturday, and it was. Sunday was to be something else! So Plan B: parades, road run and award ceremony all to take place on the Saturday. Sunday was, as forecast, quite wet. Only four brave souls steamed up their traction engines that day and the railway was a steam free zone. We all gathered round Andy Hobbins traction engine to keep warm before packing up and departing.


Thanks once again to Peter Adams and Keith (Tiny) Flinton for adding their professional touch once again this year, to Andrew Matthews and Brian West for organising the exhibitors, the ladies for the food and everyone else who helped over the weekend.


It was great to see Ben Clarke with the well advanced chassis of his 7.25” Linda now that Ben is in so much better health. In steam next year Ben?


The awards:


Lincoln Steam Cup (best road vehicle) Peter Nixon, from Newton Alfreton in Derbyshire with his 3” Burrell.

St Marks Cup (best railway exhibit) Yours truly with my Polly 1 “Susan”.
Brian Ives Trophy (Society member for 2019) Yours Truly again. This year, the guys named our Hymek 45633 Aden to remind me of the Preston (10B/24K) stalwart 4-6-0 Jubilee.

North Scarle Shield (best other exhibit) Keith (Tiny) Flinton for his many year’s supporting us at our OWE.
Challenge Cup (best in show) Yours truly again!



Other Events:


  • Daisy Maid, Skellingthorpe 1st Again, the weather ruined the event. Our portable track was appreciated by the brave souls who persevered and it gave an opportunity to tell the public about our set-up at Scarle. It was also good practice driving up a decent gradient on a wet rail!


  • Wednesday 4th Speaker – Simon Lomax from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch based in Derby. An excellent talk in front of a large audience. A great start to our “Winter Programme”. An important thing that we learnt was that the RAIB does not prosecute. Their aim is to lessen the chances of a similar incident occurring again in the future.


  • “Bucket Day” 15th September This was supposed to be on 29th but we were asked to change. Another group couldn’t make 15th. How fortuitous this turned out to be; we had a good day grossing over £300 (bucket and train rides), whilst the car boot on 29th was rained off. Big thanks to Andy Hobbins once again for leading the car parking.


News from Scarle


Work on the mess room continues and should soon be complete. The gardening is coming on leaps and bounds both beside Swnderby Road and at the new station. I think that I am winning the battle with the weeds. A scrap run was undertaken. Chairman Roger and myself discovered that the scrap yard behind Newark’s Aldi has closed, but we were redirected to another yard in the town. Most of the rest of the activities centered around the OWE.


Caution: We are now entering the “closed season”. There are plans to do track maintenance. It is always good to see members and their locos at Scarle, but please check if there is track available if you are planning to run.


Future Events


October 2nd Our monthly meeting in North Scarle Village Hall. (7 for 7.30pm) will be videos.


November 6th Monthly meeting in North Scarle Village Hall. (7 for 7.30pm) – topic to be decided


Thursday December 5th (note not Wednesday) Our Christmas Dinner. This year this will be at The Station Hotel, Thorpe on the Hill. Details to follow when I know them – hopefully after next Thursday’s Committee Meeting.


Sundays 8th & 15th December Our Santa Specials. All the help we can muster, so put these dates in your diaries, smartphones, iPads or whatever now.


Newsletter – August 2019

Dear Members,

Writing this after just arriving back from a holiday in Norfolk; a bit of a pilgrimage to re-acquaint myself with the “South Leverton” Standard Mogul. For those not in the know: 76084 was rescued from Barry by Phil Rollin and placed in his front garden where it lived for many years before going and being returned to running order. It now resides on the North Norfolk Railway. Indeed, it is their engine that is passed for running on BR.

August has been a very significant month for the Society:

  • Wednesday 7th August: a very well attended running evening. Once again, the weather did not let us down.
  • Hartsholme Park Fun Day 11th August – portable track – ran without a hitch. Threatened rain all day, which kept some people away, but we came away happy.
  • Lincoln Steam Rally 17th & 18th August – well represented by the members both with our stand and several model traction engines.
  • Zoe Ives PAACT Group – 29th August . – (got the initials right this time). Stands for Parents And Autistic Children T Ran trains for them at Scarle.
  • Meanwhile, there was also a session of running trains for a birthday party as well as the usual car boot Sundays

News from Scarle

The big news: The mess room has a new roof, and a pitched roof at that. This stood up to the dreadful weather that resulted in Lincoln City’s game being postponed last Tuesday, but it still needs completing. Please help, if you can.

Lawrence returned from his holiday in time to do a couple of repair welds to track and signals.

Work is on hand to install a camera at the “new station” as part of our due diligence when instructing passengers to behave before train rides.

 Future Events       

September, and we are back to monthly meetings in North Scarle Village Hall. 7 for 7.30pm


  • Daisy Maid, Skellingthorpe 1st Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once! Portable track – a new venture in association with a “fun dog show”. Sue Hodge – Mimi from Allo Allo and Harry Marcus from Poldark opening it. Helpers always welcome.
  • Wednesday 4th Speaker – Simon Lomax from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch based in Derby. We were recommended this speaker by chaps from Ruddington. They were expecting the talk to be a bit dry and not interesting. They said how wrong they were. Don’t miss it, and bring a friend if you think it would suit them.
  • Open Weekend 21st & 22nd September – details on website. Last I heard, over 30 traction engines coming and several railway models. Again, a plea for help in running the event.
  • “Bucket Day” 29th September – an extra Car Boot for one cancelled earlier in the year. Helpers please with the parking.


Fellow members,

One or two additions and a correction to the last newsletter:

I have been informed that the the total funds raised on 7th July (bucket & train fares) was £315 and not as per the newsletter.

I have subsequently been told that the amount for 21st was intriguingly £1 more at £316.

The PAACT (Parents And Autistic Children Together) – correct initials this time – Trains on 29th August. This is on a Thursday. The regular Thursday working party members will be there, but please come and help if you can. It is always a very rewarding experience with these youngsters.

Finally and very important:

Sunday 25th August – Trains running for a Birthday Party 11am to 1pm followed by a family running day for members. All the help we can muster for this. Please let me know if you can help.


Newsletter – July 2019

Dear Members,

Bucket Days – July 7th & July 21st

 Many thanks to those who came and helped. Not got the figures for 21st (been away myself) but the 7th was a great success with about £400 from bucket and train rides.

Visit to RAF Scampton 11th July


Booked since April. Cancelled by the RAF with one week to go “for operational reasons”.

Boultham Park – 13th July

A very successful day. Liz was busy as ever selling “North Scarle” to the public. Indeed, it is obvious that some people are now making their way to North Scarle on Sundays just for the railway. Sue Taylor’s efforts on Facebook must be helping in this respect as well.

Heckington Show  – July 27th & 28th

 If Jimmy Durrant was about, I am sure he would call it “a catastroscorph” It never seemed to stop raining. Mud everywhere. We actually had twelve brave souls who paid to travel in the rain on Saturday. By 9am on Sunday the field we were in was declared unsafe and we were asked to pack up and go. This we achieved with the help of tractors and four-tracks! Unfortunately, this does mean that we have lost a lot of income.

July was not my favourite month – roll on August!

 News from Scarle

The birthday party on 29th June was a great success. So much easier than the Portable Track!


Colin has brought a lot of rockery stone from Lawrence and Diane’s and this is being used to landscape part of the new station area in an attempt to defeat the efforts of the rabbits as well as improve the appearance of the site.

Lawrence has painted the raised steaming bays and Brian has been busy painting the hydraulic lift and all things blue.

A gate has been added at the entrance to the station in an attempt to control access and speed up the loading of trains.

There are lots of jobs to do. I have listed some of these in the past, and there is a list in the mess room. No skills necessary. Please come and join us. You will be made most welcome.

  • Vandalism: Further to the last newsletter: Police have spoken to the miscreant and, as I write this, no further incidents have been reported.


Rugby Big Four Rally

Poster attached. They have been doing a lot of work on track improvements – ground level and raised. Details on poster if you would like to attend.

 Future Events

  Wednesday 7th August This will be a running evening. There should be someone at Scarle from 5pm.

The following are all booked, Please let me know if you can help.

  • Hartsholme Park Fun Day 11th August – portable track
  • Lincoln Steam Rally 17th & 18th August – Society display – Lincoln Showground
  • Zoe Ives PAC Group – 29th August . Agreed: to run trains for them.  11am to 1pm
  • Open Weekend 21st & 22nd September – details on website.

If anyone would like to give a talk or knows someone who would like to do the same for our Winter Programme, then please let me know.



Newsletter – June 2019

Dear Members,

No excuse with this weather for not being active in the workshop unless, that is, you enjoy gardening in waterproofs and wellies.

The car boot season is now well under way although the cool weather earlier on has kept the numbers down. Standing in a cold wind for four or five hours is not most people’s idea of fun. Whilst on this subject, volunteering to help run the trains on these Sundays is a great social activity. To make sure that we comply with the requirements of our Public Liability Insurance only trained staff are used as train drivers and signalmen, but any member 16 years of age or older can volunteer to be trained. Come and have a go.

Bucket Days – July 7th & July 21st

 This year, July has two bucket days. These are very important to the Society. On these days we collect money from passengers as well as donations from the public as they leave the field. It all begins by supervising the parking. Andy Hobbins is the master at this. It begins at 7am. We need your help. Andy will show you how it is done.



 In the last newsletter I referred to the problems at Hartsholme Park. Andrew Matthews and Mike White dismantled the electrics. Andrew got the panel fixed at the manufacturers. Bob Pickford collected the panel from Andrew who is having difficulty getting to Scarle at the moment and Mike wired the panel back in. The engine worked satisfactorily last Sunday.

Portable Track

The planned event at Heighington Park on 15th June fell foul of the wet weather and was cancelled.

Skellingthorpe Gala 23rd June was a great success. Numbers were well up on last year. Happy memories –  can you remember this – it was far too hot last year and the public stayed away! The Lancaster Bomber morphed into the DC3 but was still worth seeing.

News from Scarle

Maintenance work continues when the weather permits. Lawrence has checked the portable track point ready for Heckington. Brian has been busy with blue paint tidying up the riding trucks and No.1 is now the same colour as the other eight. Colin has tried to fence back the grass cuttings that the cricketers insist on putting near to our track so that it spills over it. Lawrence and Terry have been planting bulbs Liz and Colin have worked hard on the raised beds near the compound.

There are lots of jobs to do. I have listed some of these in the past, and there is a list in the mess room. No skills necessary. Please come and join us. You will be made most welcome.


Three issues:

1/ Saturday Working Party: One of our members who is still working wondered if there were others who would like to come and do their bit at Scarle on Saturday – either as a one off or more often. If you are interested, let me know.

2/ Artificial Grass: Liz asks if anyone has or knows of any going spare. Needs to be 14” wide. Liz and Colin are using it to block weeds between the track and the raised beds.

3/ Vandalism: We have been lucky in the past, but there is a new thug in the village. This person has been climbing into the compound area and causing damage, throwing furniture about, covering the concrete area with gravel and even leaving pooh in the turntable pit. We are not singled out by him. He has been on the village hall roof and dancing about on the cricket pavilion roof. Let us hope that something can be done to stop him.

Future Events


            Wednesday 3rd July This will be a running evening. There should be someone at Scarle from 5pm.


The following are all booked, Please let me know if you can help.

  • Birthday 29th June 11am to 1pm – This Saturday (not Thursday as I put in the last newsletter)
  • Boultham Park Gala 13th July – portable track
  • Heckington Show 27th & 28th July – portable track
  • Hartsholme Park Fun Day 11th August – portable track
  • Lincoln Steam Rally 17th & 18th August – Society display – Lincoln Showground
  • (NEW) Zoe Ives PAC Group – 29th August . Agreed: to run trains for them.  11am to 1pm
  • Open Weekend 21st & 22nd September – details on website.

If anyone would like to give a talk or knows someone who would like to do the same for our Winter Programme, then please let me know.


Newsletter – May 2019

Dear Members,

Now well into the “running season” and an interesting one it is already turning out to be. More later.

Maureen Timmis

The death of Maureen was emailed to you all earlier in the month. Maureen was the wife of Past Chairman Rod Timmis and she was a former member of the Society. The Society was represented by several members led by Chairman Roger at the service at Lincoln Crematorium on Thursday 23rd. We all send our deepest condolences to Rod and his family.


New Member

Philip Skipper from North Hykeham has joined the Society; welcome Philip. He has a 7¼” gauge Scamp locomotive and now owns Bill Wright’s Adams B4. This is under restoration. I am told that work is progressing well from what, in motor enthusiast terms, was “a basket case”. i.e. take it all to pieces and start again. A new boiler has also been obtained and we look forward to seeing an old familiar friend steaming once again at Scarle in the not too distant future.

 Visit to RAF Scampton – Thursday 11th July

If I know that you want to go then you will receive a separate email from me – either already or very shortly. Anyone not receiving the email and wants to go, let me know now. Just a quick reminder: no charge for the visit which starts at 11am. Very likely to be the last chance to visit the famous airfield before the RAF pull out.


Hartsholme Park. – 11th May

Our first outing of the season for the portable track. We were kept very busy until, with one hour to go, the Hymek suddenly decided it had had enough. It remains non-operational as I write and has managed to break every one of our hand controllers! So thank goodness for Lawrence’s Holmside , Bob’s engine and Colin’s two engines for keeping trains running on car boot Sundays.


The Northern Association Annual Rally

Attached is a circular regarding this event in Oswestry.- 10th & 11th August


Cardiff Model Engineering Society – The Welsh National Locomotive Rally 8th & 9th June

Details on their website  and poster in the mess room. I studied for three years in Cardiff, but they always managed to hold this in the middle of my exams, so never got there. They have a site worth visiting with 3½” & 5” raised track, 5” & 7¼” ground level, 18” tramway and several smaller scale tracks (16mm, Gauge 1 & 00).

 Work at Scarle

Routine maintenance continues at Scarle, The weeds seem to be winning in the good growing weather of late, but we will win in the end!

One consequence of the work on the mess room was that most of the files were taken home by me for safe keeping. I took the opportunity to tidy them up. They are now making their way back into a new filing cabinet in the workshop.

There are always lots of things to do to keep our site looking respectable. Some outstanding jobs include:

  • Paint New Station Signal Box
  • Paint exit gate
  • Paint signal gantry
  • Electrics – various updates and repairs to the signalling
  • Renovation of the tunnel near the new station
  • Gardening at many locations.

From this list, it is obvious that it does not require specialist skills. Indeed, as I have said before, it is a great way to spend a day with like minded people in a very relaxing location.

Future Events    

            Wednesday 5th June This will be a running evening. There should be someone at Scarle from 5pm.


The following are all booked, Please let me know if you can help.

  • Picnic in the Park 15th June 2019 Heighington Park – portable track
  • Skellingthorpe Gala 23rd June – portable track – fly past by Lancaster promised
  • Birthday 29th June 11am to 1pm – passenger trains on a Thursday maintenance day
  • Boultham Park Gala 13th July – portable track
  • Heckington Show 27th & 28th July – portable track
  • Hartsholme Park Fun Day 11th August – portable track
  • Lincoln Steam Rally 17th & 18th August – Society display – Lincoln Showground
  • Open Weekend 21st & 22nd September – details on website.



Oswestry and North Shropshire Model Engineering Society





at the Oswestry Showground on 10th and 11thAugust 2019


Running commences at 10am with a Fish and Chips supper available on the Saturday evening

Caravans accepted on the showground by agreement from Friday evening.

Raised track running for 3½” and 5” gauge locomotives only

For further details and to confirm your attendance for the event on the Saturday or Sunday or both days, please register by contacting the Secretary

Glyn Davies on 01691 650352




Newsletter – April 2019

Dear Members,
A lot to get through this month, so here goes:
AGM – 3rd April
Many thanks for all those attending. Those who didn’t, please do give it some thought for next
year. We were only just quorate saving having to re-convene at a later date.
Roger Elliott was re-elected Chairman, Andrew Matthews was re-elected Treasurer, I took on the
role of Secretary and Colin Parker, Brian West and Mike White made up the committee. The role
of Safety Officer remained vacant.
Safety Officer
I am pleased to inform you that since the AGM, John Lee has taken on this role with the
unanimous blessing of the committee.
Liz Burgin
The committee much appreciates the “ladies perspective” that Liz gives to the workings of the
Society and had no hesitation in co-opting her back on to the committee.
Bucket Day – 28th April
Our first “bucket day” of the season. We need lots of help with the parking and collection of
donations as the cars leave the field.
Boiler Certificates
Andrew Matthews and Dave Pierce attended the twice yearly meeting of our umbrella organisation
N.A.M.E.. They were reminded of the needs to have proper procedures in place to protect us all
from any possible insurance claims. The committee, championed by John Lee is reviewing all our
procedures to ensure that we are always showing due diligence. The first action is to tighten up on
verification that boiler certificates are current. Members are asked to bring their certificates with
them any time they want to run their engines at Scarle from now on.
Also: Andrew now maintains the members’ record of boiler certificates. Please ensure that he is
informed when your engine has been passed both cold and steam tests.
Direct Debit Transfer
All members that I did not know had already paid their subs for 2019 were sent an email giving
them the details for our bank account. If you need the account details, email Treasurer Andrew or
Lincoln & District Model Engineering Society
——– Providing a forum for miniature engineering enthusiasts since 1933 ———
A Company limited by Guarantee, Registered in England No. 08374250
Riverside Miniature Railway – St Neots – May Gala 18th & 19th May 2019
This is a fairly new society. They visited us a few months ago to view Colin Parker’s CMD Knight
loco and have since purchased one for use by their members. They have invited us to their May
Gala. If you would like to attend, you can find them on google or email Adam Owen
Visit to RAF Scampton – Thursday 11th July
A visit to this famous airfield has been arranged for members. 20 places have been reserved.
Priority will be given to members and any spare places then allocated to others. First come, first
served. The usual Security checks will apply as for other military establishments. There is no
charge. Please email me with names if you would like to attend. The visit starts at 11am.
Morris Register & Morris Vehicle Association Rally – Thoresby Park 9th – 11th August
See the attached flyer. Society Member Ben Gadsby is the organiser. If any member would like to
partake and display their models then please contact Ben. Free entry and camping for participants
Ben’s contact number: 07999 869572
Summer Programme
The first outing for the portable track is rapidly approaching: Hartsholme Spring Fair on Saturday
11th May. Volunteers always welcome.
Work at Scarle
The mess room is all but complete. The new hob is still to be obtained. Riding cars are all serviced
and the vacuum braking system working and in use Track maintenance is ongoing as is gardening
and weed control. Mike is busy eliminating the jerkiness of the Hymek’s controller, and Brian has
repainted the level crossing gates.
Future Events
Wednesday 1st May – As intimated last month, this will be a running evening. There should
be someone at Scarle from about 5pm.
Other News
From 20th May there is a new hourly Monday to Saturday train service from Gainsborough Central
(my local station) to Sheffield. A marked improvement on the three trains a week in either direction
now all on a Saturday. How does this affect members from around Lincoln: from the new timetable,
most of the Lincoln Sheffield trains will run non-stop Worksop to Sheffield; the new service
stopping at the intermediate stations.

Newsletter – March 2019

Dear Members,

Where does the “closed season” go? It only seems five minutes since we packed up for the Winter. Next Sunday, 31st March, it all kicks off again for the Summer and we are being promised that it will not be brass monkey weather either. Just need an early night because of the hour change!

Whilst I have been away skiving in the cardiac unit of the Northern General Hospital others have been working overtime to get things ready at Scarle. Details to follow.

Ben Clarke

 I reported on Ben’s progress last month. Well he has actually now made it to Scarle. I am told that he looks great. In fact, so much better than Ben of old. He must have had his problem coming on for ages. Great news Ben and part of his trip was to discuss boilers with Dave Pierce. So he is seriously thinking “Linda”. For those not in the know, Ben is building a 7.25” gauge “large Hunslet.”

AGM – April 3rd

This is nearly upon us. Looking forward to seeing many of you at Scarle that Wednesday evening. Many thanks for the nomination forms received. Don’t forget, you only have until 28th to get them to me.

Summer Programme

The programme is as set out in the website under newsletters.

Just to reiterate comments in last month’s newsletter. If members could volunteer for just one portable track event a season, it would really help spread the workload.

Work at Scarle

I have seen photos of the mess hut interior. The transformation is something else and a credit to all those involved. Not sure if we now need slippers before we are allowed to enter! Well done Andrew, Mike, Brian and Roger in particular and for Lawrence in providing all the fittings.

Other tasks: Lawrence and Terry have removed a dip in the track near the level crossing. Colin and Terry continue with the bordering of the ballast. Liz has made great progress in her quest to tidy up the track-side along Swinderby Road.

Future Events:

                     Wednesday 3rd April AGM

Wednesday 1st May – Plan “A” is to have a running evening. Will keep you posted if any change.                                                                                                                                      Neil

Newsletter – February 2019


Dear Members,

Definitely not workshop weather as I draft this second newsletter of 2019! Even the ****** grass is growing.

There seems to be one or two problems with last month’s attachments. If anyone is still struggling, please go on to the website. Ben Clarke has added all the rest to the newsletter on there.


Ben Clarke

Ben has had a torrid time over the last twelve months with poor health. However, he now has “turned the corner” and we all, I am sure, wish him all the very best and hope to see him back at Scarle in the near future.

AGM – April 3rd

The papers relating to the AGM are on my computer and will be with you very shortly. Nomination forms for the committee will be included. This is now composed of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Safety Officer and three other members. Under our Articles of Association, everyone has to seek re-election every year. The role of Safety Officer is currently vacant. Please have nomination forms back with me by 28th March.

Summer Programme


  • Hartsholme Spring Fair Sat May 11th – now confirmed that we are attending
  • Boultham Park Summer Fair. Date confirmed as Sat 13th – also attending.
  • Still looking for someone to tow for Heckington.


So that gives a comprehensive programme for the portable track – see all the dates on the website (under newsletters)

To all intents, our site at Scarle is self-financing; the costs being covered by offering rides on car boot Sundays.

As for the rest:


You all probably know, we are affiliated to NAME (Northern Association of Model Engineers). This umbrella organisation trains and registers our boiler inspectors and maintains our boiler records; a practice approved by the Company that covers our Public Liability Insurance. This is by far the most costly of our expenses and has to be covered by the subscriptions, bucket days and portable track events. The more we take from the latter two profoundly affects the other! A plea: Do please volunteer for just say one event a year. Please help spread the workload.

Visit to Scarle

It is now hard to remember that earlier this month it was very cold, but it was. Two members from the Riverside Club in St Neots chose the coldest Thursday to visit us to see and run Colin Parker’s petrol engined narrow gauge outline locomotive with a view to purchasing one for their club. So cold, that I was glad to get back into the warmth after checking the track let alone ride round on an engine! The outcome: they liked what they saw and are ordering one. They have also offered an invite to their Open Weekend on 18th & 19th May to any member interested.

Work at Scarle

The mess hut is still very much work in progress. Andrew, assisted by Mike, is still beavering away with the new wiring loom and fittings. Brian has never stopped painting. The ceiling is now insulated and panelled. Putting down a new floor is next.

Meanwhile, Roger has serviced all the riding cars. He is also happy that the vacuum brake system is now working and we intend to run fully braked trains this season. Colin and Terry have been busy tidying up the track both sides of the compound with borders to the ballast stopping this spreading sideways. Liz is busy tidying up the track-side along Swinderby Road.

Future Events:

  Wednesday 6th March – Video on the model of Lime Street Station, Liverpool. Usual time         and place – Village Hall, North Scarle starting           at 7.30pm.


            Wednesday 4th April – AGM

ell that all for this month. I am now signing off to go for work on my heart in Northern General, Sheffield. Hope to be back for the AGM with a ticker that behaves a bit better!