Monthly meetings

We meet at The North Scarle playing fields at 19.30 on the first Wednesday of the month.
North Scarle is sign posted  from the  Newark to Gainsborough road  at Besthorpe, north of the village of Collingham.

Running Days

Our normal Scheduled Running Days are on a fortnightly basis on a Sunday morning (from about 09.00) to coincide with the Car Boot sale that is held on the field, this brings in the public from whom we earn the majority of our income. To see this year’s dates look at the events page.

Working Parties

We meet on an ad-hoc basis usually mid week, at the moment Thursday is the favourite day.
Turn up and see what we do at the track, drink tea, help or just hold us up.  Present jobs include the equipping of a signal box at the old station and converting the pointwork to electric operation, fitting a rake of passenger trucks with vacuum brakes as well as the usual maintenance work associated with a ground level track.