The Society was originally formed in 1933 making it one of the oldest in the UK.   It is understood that its first venue was at Hartsholme Park in Lincoln, prior to World War II.  Any assets went for recycling during the conflict.

In late 1945 the Society was re-established and a piece of land was leased from Lincoln City Council.  A new railway was built with a raised track in Boultham Park between the footpath and the cemetery wall which catered for 1¼”, 3½” and 5″ gauges.

Rides on the new railway were given to the public.  At this time such a facility was rare and some members of the Society travelled from Boston on the train carrying their locos, and then cycled to the track site.

Tethered car racing was also popular then and there was a thriving section dedicated to that pursuit.

A change in the layout of the Park by the Council meant that the track site became a little more remote from the mainstream pathways and as a result of the now quiet location attracted the attention of vandals.  This resulted in the site being abandoned some 20 years ago.

After a long search our present site was found, located in the village of North Scarle.

The village has a vibrant Sports and Social section, connected with the local village hall and we were fortunate enough to be welcomed and allowed to use the perimeter of the sports field to lay a new ground level 5″ and 7¼” track.  The club started here with very little money but with great enthusiasm for the new venture.  A long term plan was formulated and a station area, crossing gates and a short length of track was laid.  This enabled revenue to be collected from people that visited the fortnightly car boot that is held on the field.

The presence of the Car Boot and the Railway has resulted in a beneficial arrangement for both parties.  Something for the children to ride on when the parents are spending their money and we have a secure rural location far away from the vandals of the past.

As the years have passed the profile of the Society has changed, along with the changes in everyday society.  No longer do members arrive on a bike with their loco under their arm, for it is now necessary to have a large hydraulic lift to unload locos from the backs of 4 x 4s.

A portable track has been made and visits school gala days and attends Heckington Show every year, which earns extra revenue as well as raising the profile of the Society.  We manage to get our picture in the Lincolnshire Echo at least twice a year,as well as mentions and visits from the Radio Car of BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

The Society is not all about a railway, around half the membership is of the Traction Engine persuasion.  The relative wealth of the world compared to the years before the war has resulted in the possibility of larger and larger machinery being available for use in the home workshop.  This means that the Traction Engine rallies that initially started in the late 1950s early 1960s were showing off traction engines and rollers that had been saved from the scrap man and were restored.  Nowadays every traction engine rally has equal numbers of home built scale models of their full sized sisters, ranging from 1” scale to half full size.  In the society we are proud of the work done by their owners and we stage our own Traction Engine rally once a year at North Scarle where visiting engines from far and wide are able to mix and share the weekend with their railway brethren.